10 reasons why Doctor Who is a Hogwarts Wizard…

who-2193647_6401. The Sonic Screwdriver is Doctor Who’s Wand. His most popular spell is Alohomora, which can open and close any lock/door. It is also used for things like Episkey to treat minor injuries and Specialis Revelio to reveal hidden secrets. As a matter of principle, Doctor Who tries not to use it for bad spells just like Albus Dumbledore.

2. The TARDIS is a combination of multiple wizarding technology.

a) It can apparate and disapparate. While Hogwarts wizards do so in time, the TARDIS can do the same in both space and time thanks to its integration with the Time Turner. Portkey magic is also channelled. Sometimes his opponents attempt the Anti-Disapparition Jinx.

b) The Extension Charm made the TARDIS bigger on the inside than the outside, like Hermione’s Tent in Harry Potter 7. (Even Doctor Who’s pockets use this charm much like Hermione’s handbag)

c) The TARDIS is made strong and impenetrable by a combination of magic like a strong Duro spell, the Imperturbable Charm, Protego (a shield charm), the Unbreakable Charm and Salvio Hexia (protection against hexes).
Another TARDIS protection is Repello Muggletum (the Muggle-Repelling Charm). This keeps humans away from it by causing them to remember something else important and to forget what they were doing in the first place. That’s why very few humans try to break into the TARDIS even by mistake.

In fact the Doctor was trying to make an acronym for all of the above charms. He failed and partially used T (Time-Turner) A (Apparate) R (Repello Muggletum) D (Duro) I (Imperturbable Charm) and S (Salvio Hexia) and then made TARDIS mean Time And Relative Dimension In Space, a scientific rather than a magical concept.

harry-potter-1132440_6403. Doctor Who is currently in possession of the Philosopher’s Stone, something that allows him to live seemingly forever.

4. Doctor Who also dabbles in the Dark Arts. Like Lord Voldemort he keeps Horcruxes hidden all over the universe. So whenever he dies he uses a Horcrux to regenerate. He is a Metamorphmagi (can change form from one human to another) and this gets activated during death. He knows his Horcruxes will eventually run out and that’s why calls himself a mortal and tries not to die in the first place. He knows the Philosopher’s Stone cannot give him full protection against his really hazardous lifestyle.
Horcruxes can only be produced by killings. Doctor Who has directly or indirectly killed millions of life forms in the universe (even if they were mostly evil).

5. Uses Legilimens very often to go into the people’s minds to see their thoughts and memories and sometimes uses Obliviate to hide their memories. He has also learnt to cast spells without his wand.

6. Apart from being a Wizard, he is also a Seer and that helps him in all his adventures as he can predict what’s going to happen.

7. The Daleks are a Goblin-Elf genetic experimentation gone wrong. They are dark wizards who use the Avada Kedavra as a first resort during attacks.

8. England is at the centre of both the Doctor Who and Harry Potter Universes.

9. Like Dumbledore Doctor Who is secretly gay and hence can’t hang on to any of his female companions.

10. One candidate for the Doctor is Draco Malfoy. He may have tried to do a “Tom Oliver Riddle” becoming “Lord Voldemort” with “Draco Malfoy” but failed.
He then jumbled
Hogwarts’ Draco Malfoy
Galafray’s Doctor Who.
He took all the wizards to another planet where they called themselves Time Lords and changed the spelling to call the planet Gallifrey to avoid anyone figuring out his name riddle. Then he proceeded to destroy all of them and finally became a good guy because he wanted secretly to be just like Harry Potter all along.

© Sunil Rajguru

Headlines written on May 16, 2014 itself…

If things go well…
Economy is booming and yet the poor are getting poorer.
If things are mixed…
Economy doing OK but Modi promised much much more.
If things are bad…
Economy doing disastrously, Modi should quit!

Similarly, headlines for every conceivable scenario…

Great monsoon saves beleaguered Modi.
Bad monsoon shows that even luck has deserted Modi.

Lack of dissent shows that Modi is a Fascist dictator.
With this high level of dissent, Modi should quit at once.

This big scam means Modi should quit politics.
This small scam is just the tip of the iceberg.
No scam shows that Modi has successfully suppressed all information coming out of government.

Diverse BJP leadership opinion shows that Modi has lost control.
BJP leadership speaking in one voice shows that they’re scared of Fascist dictator Modi.

Meek Pakistan/China is a ticking time bomb.
Belligerent Pakistan/China shows that Modi has failed spectacularly.

Number of high political arrests show that Modi is a Fascist dictator.
Number of low political arrests shows that Modi has failed to implement his authoritarian designs.

Multiple foreign visits show that Modi doesn’t care for domestic policy.
Lack of foreign visits shows that Modi doesn’t care for foreign policy.

His obsession with kurta shows he’ll never get out of his local mind set.
Hypocrite Modi decides to wear a suit.

Modi can’t even get bureaucrats to come on time.
So what if bureaucrats come on time? Nothing else has changed.

Obama doesn’t care for Modi.
Obama-Modi bonhomie is superficial.

Modi speaks too much.
Modi speaks only when he wants to.
Modi doesn’t speak.

With their bad tactics, Kejri/Pappu letting Modi off the hook.
With their good tactics, Kejri/Pappu will topple Modi.

If he wins in 2019 yet again…
Authoritarian Modi fools India once again and emerges undisputed Fascist dictator of India.

© Sunil Rajguru


How many people does it take to change a light bulb in Lalit Modi’s house?
He won’t bother. He’ll just Tweet a 1000 statuses and think his job is done.

Morpheus: You take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe and report whatever you want to report. You take the red pill and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes into the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty Wonderland.
Rookie journalist: The blue pill please!

He has become one really sad “sack”.

Time to publish a really fat Encyclopaedia Lalitana with a list of all of Lalit Modi’s allegations, people implicated, leaked documents and mails.

The Lalit Modi story so far…
1 million Tweets.
1000 allegations.
100 alleged criminals.
Zero chargesheets.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Why we desperately need the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty…

Nehru invented freedom, liberty and human rights.
Indira eradicated poverty.
Rajiv invented computers, the Internet and the mobile.
Sonia eradicated the poverty created from 1989-2004.
Pappu will invent time travel, levitation and the hyperspace drive.

Nehru taught us to live.
Indira taught us to think.
Rajiv taught us to talk.
Sonia taught us to walk.
Pappu will teach us to fly.

Nehru took us to Civilization.
Indira took us to the Industrial Age.
Rajiv took us to the Computer Age.
Sonia took us to the Space Age.
Pappu will take us to the Multiverse Cosmic Age.

Nehru passed the flame to Indira.
Indira passed the flame to Rajiv.
Rajiv passed the flame to Sonia.
Till Sonia passes the flame to Pappu, India will remain in darkness.

© Sunil Rajguru