Strange similarities between the Mughal Dynasty and the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty…

nehru-2361331_640The Mughal Dynasty succession: Babar-Humayun-Akbar-Jahangir-Shah Jahan-Aurangazeb-Bahadur Shah.

The Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty succession: Motilal-Jawaharlal-Indira-Rajiv-Sonia-Rahul.

1(M): Babar-Humayun…
Babar and Humayun founded the Mughal Dynasty that succeeded the Lodi Empire and no-one would have thought that the descendants would go on to form such large and stable reigns.
1(NG): Motilal Nehru…
Motilal founded the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty that succeeded the British Empire and no-one would have thought that the descendants would go on to form such large and stable reigns.

2(M): Akbar…
The first great Mughal king, he had a long and peaceful reign and was probably the most popular ruler of his times. He had total political cultural dominance over his court and laid the economic foundations of the India of his times.
He loved books and there are many paintings of Akbar and a red rose in his hand.
2(NG): Jawaharlal Nehru…
The first great Nehru-Gandhi dynasty Prime Minister, he had a long and peaceful reign and was probably the most popular ruler of his times. He had total political cultural dominance over his Ministry and State governments and laid the economic foundations of the India of his times.
He loved books and there are many pictures of Nehru with a red rose pinned to his coat.

3(M): Jahangir…
Jahangir saw a rebellion as soon as he took over and he put it down with an iron fist. Thanks to this he did lose power over certain regions.
3(NG): Indira Gandhi…
Indira saw a party rebellion as soon as he took over and she put it down with an iron fist. Thanks to this she did lose power over certain regions in State elections.

4(M): Shah Jahan…
Shah Jahan’s rule has been called a Golden Age and it has been described as a mighty prosperous era. It also led to a revolution in Mughal architecture. He also attacked the Sikhs and ordered the destruction of the Sikh temple in Lahore.
4 (NG): Rajiv Gandhi…
Rajiv started dismantling the communist regime and laid the foundations of Liberalization that led a different type of Golden Age that led to great prosperity for modern India. It also led to a revolution in modern architecture and India was transformed with many new buildings.
He had a troubled relationship with the Sikhs and many Congress leaders were implicated in the anti-Sikh riots. He ordered Operation Black Thunder, which used commandoes to flush out militants in the Golden Temple at Amritsar.

5(M): Aurangazeb…
He ruled India with an iron fist and no-one had the guts to criticize him openly. He was strong and effective, but after him the Mughal dynasty crumbled. He saw many rebellions all over India.
5 (NG): Sonia Gandhi…
She ruled India with an iron fist and no-one had the guts to criticize her openly. She was strong and effective, but after UPA2, the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty crumbled. She lost control of State governments one by one.

6 (M): Bahadur Shah I…
He was a Mughal Emperor in name only and never saw any real power. The dynasty officially ended under his reign.
6 (NG): Rahul Gandhi…
He was a leader in name only and never saw any real power. The dynasty officially ended under his reign.

© Sunil Rajguru

The strange tale of Politician Kejriwal Grundy…

Politician Kejriwal Grundy,

Born on a Monday,

Launched party on Tuesday,

Became CM on Wednesday,

Declared future PM on Thursday,

Lost his CMship on Friday,

Lost his PMship dreams on Saturday,

His politics took ill, grew worse, died and buried on Sunday.

That was the end,

Of Politician Kejriwal Grundy.

This version by Sunil Rajguru

Musings on the whole education debate…

The biggest role of formal education today is to get a job.
If you really want to change the world, then it’s totally irrelevant.

You have educated idiots.
You have uneducated idiots.
You have educated greats.
You have uneducated greats.
Focus on the individual not his/her education.

Would Mani say…
How can a poorly educated person (Maken) comment on an even more poorly educated person (Smriti)?

Congress to BJP…
Hamaare 12th class pass hamaare hai, pyaare hai,
Tumhaare 12th class pass zindagi se hare hai.

You need education to be a doctor, engineer, lawyer, rocket scientist…
You don’t need education to be a successful businessman or a leader.

Simple definitions…
Illiterate: Can’t read or write.
Educated: Went to school or college.
Uneducated: Didn’t go to school.
12th Pass: Educated, just didn’t go to college.
Dictionary definition of education…
The act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.
Note: This particular definition of education has absolutely nothing to do with school, college or degrees of any kind.

The Manmohan Cabinet had many Oxbridge-Harvard Ministers.
The Modi Cabinet has many who never went to college.
Let’s see who performs better.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

The Dynasty Rules OK?

Nehru-Gandhi dynasty…
Education: Not required.
Experience: Not required.
Common sense: Not required.
Grace: Not required.
Genetics triumphs all of the above.

Similar question. Similar answer.
After Nehru who?
After Indira who?
After Sanjay who?
After Rajiv who?
After Sonia who?
After Rahul who?

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Modi versus the Dynasty…

BCE = Before the Common/Current/Christian Era.
AD = Anno Domini.
BCE = Before Congress Extinction.
AD = Acche Din.

Minimum government.
Maximum governance.
Minimum governance (by MMS).
Maximum government (handed over to Madamji).

Pranabda was expelled from Congress for opposing Rajiv.
Today he is President.
Modi is the antithesis of the dynasty.
Today he is Prime Minister.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Failures are the stepping stones to success…

Failed to get college degree.
–>Became beauty queen and TV superstar.

Failed to win Lok Sabha seat.
–>Became BJP spokesperson and Rajya Sabha MP.

Failed to win Lok Sabha seat again.
–>Became Cabinet Minister.

Kabhi kabhi jeetne ke liye kuch haarna bhi padta hai.
Aur haar ke jeetne waale ko baazigar kahate hai.
Aur jo baar baar haarke kuch jeete, use Smriti Irani kahate hai.

She’s just 38.
Next is what?

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

10 reasons why Sonia Gandhi is the worst Congress President ever

icon-2027661_640So Congress President Sonia Gandhi has taken her party’s performance to the worst ever in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. A measly 44 seats! Is the Congress finished? Is the dynasty over? We will know for sure in 2019.

If at all that happens, the full credit goes to Sonia. The writing was on the wall for ages, but now only has it all come crashing down.

A look at 10 of her worsts…

1. First “zero experience” President…

What was Sonia’s experience before she took over as party President? Was she a freedom fighter or leader of note? Was she a Chief Minister or Cabinet Minister? Was she a bureaucrat or a top professional in a particular field?
She wasn’t even an MP. The post of Congress President was one of the most illustrious in India and Sonia became the first person to occupy that post with absolutely no official experience or any kind of established leadership skills.

2. Indefinite rule as President…

Even stalwarts like Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi did not occupy the post of Congress President indefinitely. It was a rotational post occupied by many prominent leaders of the party. But Sonia has held it continuously from 1998 to now. That’s more than 16 years and counting and this despite her leading the party to a record low of 44 Lok Sabha seats.
That’s autocratic and resembles the dictators of the world: Ruler for life.

3. Destroyed the office of the Prime Minister…

Even short-term PMs like VP Singh and HD Deve Gowda at least tried to take their own decisions. After 10 years, Manmohan Singh was reduced to a mere caricature.
He was seen as a spineless leader who couldn’t take decisions on his own. Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray was berated for introducing the concept of “remote control” in Maharashtra, but Sonia took it to the national level.

4. Most subservient second rung…

Nehru had a galaxy of leaders many who were better than him. The same was said of Indira when she took over. Rajiv Gandhi had players like VP Singh who later rebelled against him and became Prime Minister.
One must say that this is the most subservient of the lot. Manmohan was voiceless. Pranab Mukherjee was mainly Sonia’s fixer of problems and retired to India Presidency. Nobody has the guts to stand up to her or even her son Rahul Gandhi.

5. UPA2 the most corrupt government in history…

There is now no doubt left that UPA2 was the most corrupt Government in the history of Independent India. If Bofors was the mascot of the Rajiv regime, we are totally spoiled for choice this time.
2G, CWG, Coalgate, cash for votes, Adarsh, Choppergate, Tatra…
Now if Sonia is the most powerful person in India for the last 10 years, how in heaven’s name can she escape blame of this whole fiasco? Why isn’t the chairperson of the UPA responsible for the debacle that is UPA2?

6. More lucky than smart…

Think of Sonia from 1998-2004. She didn’t do a single thing right. She humiliated Sitaram Kesri, she failed to form the government and miscalculated the formation of the government by one vote. In 1999, she led the party to the then worst ever tally of 114 seats.
After Godhra, she attempted a soft Hindutva of herself in Gujarat and fell flat on her face. By 2004 she was a totally bankrupt leader. In 2004, the Congress won just 145 seats, which was not enough to complete 5 years in power.
It was only the fear of the BJP that has kept the Congress in power. The Left, the Trinamool, the DMK, the SP all have their differences with the Congress but have kept quiet. If you go by what Mulayam Singh Yadav says, then there only three letters that matter: C-B-I.
The credit for 2009 goes to Manmohan and Sonia stood exposed in the 2014 polls.

7. Populism destroyed India…

NREGA and Food Security Bill may be great if the economy is in a good shape, but not otherwise. All of Sonia’s schemes or Sonianomics involve getting votes in the short run and destroying the Indian economy in the long run.
Even attempts like the highly divisive Communal Bill would have threatened the secular fabric of India.

8. Created a parallel cabinet…

What was the National Advisory Council? It looked like something that was totally against the spirit of the Constitution. It was a power structure that paralleled the Cabinet of India. Through it, by claiming the post of Chairperson, Sonia derived all her official power, position and perks.

9. Not at all open to scrutiny…

For some totally unfathomable reason, the entire mainstream media prostrated itself in front of Sonia from 2004-14. This is strange for Nehru, Indira and Rajiv all faced a barrage of critical attacks in their lives.
But that ended up making Sonia all the more complacent and mediocre. Just because they didn’t criticize her doesn’t mean that there was nothing wrong with Sonia’s regime. On the contrary while regular criticism keeps leaders on their toes, non-stop flattery lulls leaders and that is why UPA2 was the most arrogant and corrupt government in Independent India’s history.

10. Robert Vadra’s name at airports…

I don’t know about you, but I was amazed whenever I’d pass by airport security and see Robert Vadra’s name there. I really felt like I was living in a banana republic.
Vadra is not even among the top one lakh senior government officials of India.
A Congress President putting her absolutely non-entity of a son-in-law’s name in the airport security all-clear list has to be an abysmal low.

© Sunil Rajguru

The end of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty?

Indira got 283 seats: Party split.
Rajiv got 197: Challenged by Rao.
Kesri got 141: Humiliated.
MMS got 206: Sidelined.
Sonia got 44: Still worshipped.

Sonia is a spent force.
That was made worse by bringing in a pygmy (Pappu).
Now they want to rectify that with a smaller pygmy (Pappini).

The Congress has probably given a very stern ultimatum to Pappu:
Perform in 2019 or perish!

The Required Congress Plan…
1. Sack the dynasty.
2. Elect new President.
3. Rebuild party from scratch.
4. Win 2019.
What they’ll actually do…
Bypass 1. 2. & 3.
Pray for 4.

The Nehru Era, which should have never begun in the first place, ends on May 26, 2014.

© Sunil Rajguru

2014 General Election musings…

I love and adore Dictator Mao who killed tens of millions of people and who hated and attacked India.
But I hate Modi.

Modi got power.
Kejriwal got attention.
Pappu got freedom.
Actually everyone is happy.

What if…
2G scam amount 1.76 lakh crore. Sibal gets 1.76 lakh votes.
Congressman: See! We should have done scams in the region of 5 lakh crore. Then we would have swept the polls!

© Sunil Rajguru

10 ways Modi haters are still living in denial…

1. It is nothing but a triumph of marketing and money power.

2. He didn’t win. 69% of India rejected him!

3. What can anyone do if the Indian electorate is fascinated by Fascism?

4. So? Even Hitler won the elections!

5. Stop celebrating his win. You will soon lose all your fundamental rights.

6. All the minorities don’t accept him and hence his mandate is illegal.

7. The RSS is now running the country. One remote control has replaced another.

8. Modi polarized the country and that’s why he won.

9. The Congress couldn’t communicate its achievements properly.

10. Priyanka came in late and scared Modi. Had she come earlier…

The first party got 282.
The second party got 44.
In any other country this would be considered a universal landslide.
But India is India!

© Sunil Rajguru

AAP and the 420 factor…

In 1984, the Congress won a record 414 Lok Sabha seats.
In 2014, the Congress lost 418 seats.
But the AAP broke that record by losing 420 seats, a highly symbolic number.

AAP doesn’t respect other parties.
Doesn’t respect law and order.
Doesn’t respect courts.
Doesn’t respect anything at all.
Nobody respects the AAP, especially the voters.

AAP is curing Indian politics using Homeopathy: Like cures like.
They will cure bad parties by becoming as bad as them.

© Sunil Rajguru