Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty always creates a mess. Others always clear it.

Nehru put too much focus on dams and industries and totally neglected defence and agriculture.

Shastri set that right. He won a war and laid the foundations of the Green and White revolutions in his short stint.

Nehru founded a ridiculous license raj and a pseudo-Communist State that went totally bankrupt in 1991, so much for his underperforming government owned industries.

Narasimha Rao cleared that mess by introducing Liberalization and transforming India’s economy.

Vajpayee took forward his good work.

The stage was set for Sonia to come and ruin India yet again and make a mess again via 10 years of UPA.

Now Modi is clearing that mess and one is sure that when he succeeds and finishes his Swachh Bharat campaign, an anti-incumbency wave will set in and Pappu will become PM to make his own mess.

Then someone will come and clear Pappu’s mess and pave way for Priyanka Vadra’s descendants to take over.

Ad infinitum.

Ad nauseum.

© Sunil Rajguru

With great power comes great…

With great power comes great responsibility.
— Spiderman.

With great power comes great stupidity.

With great Pawar comes great profitability.

With great power comes great dacoity.

With great power comes great destructivity.
— Kejri.

With great power comes great gullibility.
—The so called powerful Indian electorate.

With great power comes great mediocrity.

With great power comes great absurdity.

With great power comes great crudity.
—Manish Tiwari.

With great power comes great hostility.
—Pakistan army.

With great power comes great illegality.
—Chargesheeted MPs.

With great power comes great anonymity.
—Twitter troll.

With great power comes great irrationality.
—Indian media.

With great power comes great manipulability.
—A Raja.

With great power comes great mendacity.

With great power comes great nudity.
—Sunny Leone.

With great power comes great partiality.
—Lutyens Club.

With great power comes great unacceptability.

With great power comes great negativity.

With great power comes great unaccountability.
—The babu.

With great power comes great verbosity.
—Manish Tiwari.

With great power comes great illogicality.

With great power comes great frivolity.

With great power comes great moronity.
—Most party spokespersons.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

More Modi-media musings…

If he’s silent—>Why?
If he speaks—>What’s the use of just speaking?
If incident handled perfectly—>1000 incidents in India to blame him. Pick any one. Repeat.

Media playing Name-Place-Animal-Thing…
Name: Modi.
Place: Godhra.
Animal: Cow.
Thing: Modi’s____
(Game on since 2002)

2004-14—Attack 1+ crore people but spare 1.
2014- —Attack just 1 person and his supporters and ignore 1+ crore.

© Sunil Rajguru

Indian definitions…

Liberal = Not liberal.

Intellectual = Not intellectual.

Secular = Not secular.

Academic/historian = Propagandist.

Troll = A person with an opinion who is not a liberal or intellectual or secular or academic or historian or part of this support group.

Editor = Sales head of a media organization.

Innocent till proven guilty = “Innocent even after proven guilty” if you’re part of the Lutyens Club or its support group. For opponents it’s “Guilty even after proven innocent”.

NGO = PPO = Personal Profit Organization.

Communist = Rich capitalist wearing expensive poor looking clothes.

Corruption = Capitalism.

Honesty = A spoke in the wheel of capitalism.

Civil society = Uncivil society.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

When 100 years of Gandhi-Nehru came to an end…

1915—Mahatma Gandhi came to India and then headed the freedom struggle till 1947.

1947-64: Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

1966-77, 80-84: Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

1984-89: Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

2004-14: Supremo Sonia Gandhi.

That’s a whopping 100 years (1915-2014) of a Gandhi/Nehru in charge or in waiting!

Mahatma came from South Africa and began it.

Sonia came from Italy and ended it.

© Sunil Rajguru

How the Gandhis are Indian cricket’s good luck charms…

India won all their World Cups when we had a Gandhi Prime Minister (or super PM)*.
(1983, 2007 and 2011)

Even all our Test series victories outside the sub-continent were as above.**
England (1971, 1986, 2007).
West Indies (1971, 2006, 2011).
New Zealand (1968, 2009).

*Ma, beta aur bahu: Indira, Rajiv and Sonia.
**Against Top 8 nations only.

© Sunil Rajguru

24X7 the Modi hate saga will continue…

One indirect death in a Modi regime (Akhilesh’s law and order failure) sparks greater outrage than 1000 deaths in a Congress regime.

I’m sure Modi must be making a lot of mistakes.
Unfortunately nobody knows what they are as all the outraging is over his shawls, suits, selfies and Akhilesh’s law and order failures in UP.

Get busy rubbishing India or get busy reforming it.
Media, activists and Civil Society rubbishing India.
Modi reforming it.

Antimony is the largest occurring element in China.
Antimodi is the largest occurring element in Indian intelligentsia, media and Civil Society.

Modi’s biggest achievement for the BJP is that thanks to him all the Adarsh Liberals simply adore Vajpayee and Advani.

Ab mere bete ko Lutyens Bungalow nahin milega, chachi ka committee headship gaya, government junkets bandh… Hai hai Modi!
—Adarsh Liberal

Anything goes wrong…
Yesterday: It’s the foreign hand!
Today: It’s the Modi hand!

Funny Modi Haters…
They’ve thrown a million names at Modi.
But you throw one name against them, it’s Sparta.

Sirf AAP MLAs ke liye acche din aaye hai, Delhi citizens ke liye nahin.
Iska jawab kya Modiji denge?
—Sri Sri Kejri Baba.

They should just rename all other alliances to Modiviruddhbandhan.
‪#‎Mahagatbandhan‬ ‪#‎BiharPolls‬

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Take my award away, but give me some media coverage!

Incorrect news: I am returning an award.
Correct news: I am merely announcing that I’m returning an award to bash Modi and garner publicity for a forgotten me.

Nayantara Sahgal…
Rajiv beta ke raj main Sikh genocide aur Kashmiri Pandit exodus hua, par mujhe kya, usne mujhe Sahitya Akademi award diya!
Ab Pappu beta PM nahin ban raha to main award wapis karti hu!

Award waapis karne se kya hota hai?
Sahi protest karna hai to Lutyens Bungalow aur saare privileges waapis karke dikhao!

If all those enjoying Congress patronage returned State awards, then about 90% of all awards would be returned.

In a country where the Congress has given 26/45 Bharat Ratnas to Congressmen, returning them/protesting over them is futile.

Nayantara Sahgal’s cousins…
Indira imposed Emergency.
Sanjay went berserk then.
Rajiv-Sonia ruled party dictatorially.
But Modi? Sparta!!!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

The amazing Indian mainstream media…

BJP No. 1 leader doing well.
Who cares?
BJP No. 7 has great plans.
BJP No. 434 made stupid statement.
Perfect! Headlines! Lead story!

I love you.
Awww same to you!
But here…
Media—Awww same to Modi!

Media—If there were stricter laws, Modi would be in jail.
Truth—If there were stricter libel laws, a 100 senior journalists would be in jail for a 100 years.

What’s common between Indian media and Aussie cricketers?
They sledge heavily but if you reply back they both start crying “victim”.

Go figure…
Jungle Raj
+ Scams
+ Nepotism
+ Casteism
+ No governance
+ Zero development
+ Abusive language
+ Conviction
=Media loves Laloo.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Pappu Pappu hi rahega…

Kis tarah ke kapde pahante hai.
Kis rang ke kapde pahante hai.
Unke kapde ki keemat aur brand.
Uspe kya kya likha rahata hai.
Sab jaanta hu main.
—Pappu’s amazing insight on Modi.

The Congress annus horribilis years…
1977—When Emergency ended.
1989—When a Dynast was PM for the last time.
2014—When Empress Sonia was vanquished.

A book on Pappu’s political life will be called…
Revenge of the Speech Writer.

It appears that Pappu has just completed a PhD in “The type, colour and worth of dresses worn by Modi”.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

On His Royal Highness, the Khaas Aadmi of India…

My Top 10 achievements…
1. Became VVVIP.
2. Great bungalow.
3. Wonderful cavalcade.
4. MLAs richer.
5. YoYa-PrBh kicked out.
6. Still attacking Modi.
7. Fixed Maharashtra.
8. Backed Laloo.
9. Media still fooled.
10. People still fooled.

After it got 4 MPs—Chaar bach gaye lekin party abhi baaki hai.
After it got 60+ MLAs—Party sathiya gayi hai.

Aam (ke aam guthli ke bhi daam) Aadmi Party.
‪#‎PayHike‬ ‪#‎UltraPrivileges‬ ‪#‎VVVIPs‬ ‪#‎RichPoliticians‬

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

The 50 lies they told you about Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the last 13 years…

1. He will be sacked as Chief Minister in 2002.

2. He will not win the 2002 Gujarat Assembly elections.

3. He will not win the 2007 Gujarat Assembly elections.

4. He will never find acceptance among the rural masses of India.

5. His only supporters are hardline rabid Hindutva males.

6. The urban masses will never identify with him.

7. He will be a misfit among world leaders.

8. He has no global vision.

9. BJP will never make him a Prime Ministerial candidate.

10. The allies will never accept him.

11. The 2013 Assembly elections itself will reject him.

12. The electorate will never accept him.

13. Twitter cannot win you an election.

14. Most of his social media support is paid.

15. He is just PR plus marketing and the people of India will reject him.

16. Pappu is a better Prime Ministerial candidate than him. (Busted in no time)

17. Kejri is a better Prime Ministerial candidate than him. (A bigger joke)

18. The BJP under him will never get 272 seats.

19. Forget the BJP, even the NDA under him will never get 272 seats.

20. He will face a tough fight from Kejri in Varanasi.

21. He is a 31% PM. (NDA got 38.5% vote share, high in a multi-party democracy)

22. He will not win many States after the Lok Sabha elections.

23. He will be jailed for x, y, z offence eventually. (No chargesheet even)

24. Delhi is not Ahmedabad. He won’t be able to function there at all.

25. He wore a Louis Vuitton shawl.

26. He wore a Rs 20 lakh suit. (Figure kept coming down and settled down at Rs 10 lakh)

27. America will never allow him on its soil.

28. Obama rebuked Modi over religious intolerance.

29. In 2015, most Indians have grown really tired of him.

30. He is responsible for every crime in India even though it is a State subject.

31. He claimed to have rescued 15,000 people from Uttarakhand.

32. He said that Priyanka Vadra was like his daughter.

33. Doordarshan commissioned a 10-year serial on his community.

34. He pushed Zuckerberg aside to face the camera. (Cameraman in fact was shouting “side please” to Zuckerberg)

35. Gujarat development is a myth.

36. Gujarati people are highly communalized so they kept voting for him.

37. He masterminded Snoopgate.

38. He masterminded the murder of an innocent Ishrat Jahan.

39. He’ll convert India into a Fascist State.

40. He is totally against the idea of India (whatever that is).

41. Godhra led to Indian Mujahideen. (Parent body SIMI formed after Emergency of 1975)

42. He has introduced the concept of beef ban in India. (Around for thousands of years)

43. He masterminded Godhra.

44. He told the police to allow riots to happen.

45. He said “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” on Godhra riots.

46. Vajpayee said that he was not following his Rajdharma.

47. He masterminded Best Bakery incident.

48. He masterminded Naroda Patia incident.

49. He masterminded Gulbarga Society incident.

50. He will not be able to move forward till he apologizes for Godhra.

They have told you 50+ lies and totally got away with it.

They will tell 100+ more and totally get away from that too?

And how many truths have they told you about Sonia?


So she too will get totally away despite controlling the most corrupt government in the history of independent India.

© Sunil Rajguru