The UPA scams just go on and on…

Economic Reforms.
1. Rao.
2. Vajpayee.
3. Modi.
That’s it.
Manmohan was merely initially Rao’s assistant and then Sonia’s.

Axis Bank in the news for all the wrong reasons post #Demonetization.
Fun fact of the day…
Manmohan inaugurated the first Axis Bank then UTI Bank) in 1994.

Father of Acidic Reforms. (Spoilt politics)
Father of Uneconomic Reforms. (Corruption)
Anything but Father of Economic Reforms—That was Rao.

Father of Bionic Reforms. (Robot)
Father of Anaemic Reforms. (Low energy)
Anything but Father of Economic Reforms—That was Rao.

Manmohan Singh is 84.
And he still has to dance to Madam’s tunes.
Ghulam till I die!

Aam aadmi = Lakhpati.
Middle class = Crorepati.
Trader = Arabpati (100 crores).
Industrialist = Kharabpati (10,000 crores).
All scamsters = Neelpati (10 lakh crores).

Coal Minister innocent in Coalgate.
Economic whiz innocent in 2G.
Guess he’s snow white despite signing AgustaWestland files.

Deve Gowda was the Humble Farmer.
Manmohan Singh was the Fumble Harmer.

To think that Sonia and Manmohan knew absolutely nothing of all the umpteen scams that took place during UPA rule is the height of naivety.

100 scams under Sonia’s UPA—They leave her totally alone. Totally.
Any move Modi makes big or small—Go batshit crazy & attack: Sparta!!!

UPA did 0/10 things.
No outrage for first 7-8 years.
Modi does 5/10 things.
A. He’s doing these 5 things wrong.
B. Why isn’t he doing the other 5 things?

Sonia’s UPA did scam upon scam and no-one attacked her, investigated her or went after her.
Modi’s every bold positive move is attacked viciously.

With the way he’s blabbing non-stop, looks like the P in P Chidambaram stands for Pappu.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Never in the history of Indian politics…

Never in the history of India has a person with so many talents and achievements been attacked so much.

Never in the history of India has a person with so little talent and achievements been admired so much.

Never in the history of India has a person with so much crime, misgovernance and incompetence been adored so much.

Never in the history of India has a person got these many opportunities and this much coverage and exposure and flopped such.

Never in the history of India has a person with this much education and support proved to be such a selfish incompetent duffer in the world of politics.

© Sunil Rajguru

Political musings of the day…

The Leftist lobby in India has about 1000 pseudo-intellectuals and exactly zero real intellectuals.

Sonia had zero talent zero experience zero achievements, so what happened from 2004-14 is not surprising.
Modi established his political talent and had many achievements, so what’s happening after 2014 is also not surprising.


#AdarshLiberals keep harping on the Idea of India #IoI but in fact they only support the Idea of Pakistan #IoP.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

#AgustaWestland musings…

Speculation whenever Sonia leaves India.
Why is she going? Will we ever know?
Will she come back or stay there for good?

1983: Modi passes MA.
2014: Modi become PM.
2016: Sonia’s name comes in ‪#‎AugustaWestland‬.
Within days loyal servant Kejri rakes up 33-year-old issue to divert attention.

Possible yellow journalism headline in 2019 when his Haters run out of even the flimsiest and thinnest of allegations:
Is Modi an alien?

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

#AgustaWestlandScam musings…

Good ole days.
It feels as if the Congress is still in power at the Centre and doing scams upon scams.

The Congress now has more “major scams” than MPs in the Lok Sabha.
(Minor scams probably more than its MLAs all across India!)

The Peter Principle is total nonsense.
Sonia rose at least 100 levels above her competency levels.

Congress also has an Odd-Even scheme.
On Odd days, it scams.
On Even days, it scams.

No coincidence that the most highlighted phrase of ‪#‎Choppergate‬ is Sonia’s “I am not afraid of anyone!”
People still scared.

‪#‎AgustaWestland‬ is indeed the mother of all scams.

Clutching at straws…
We are at rock bottom. The only way is up.
We are at one level below rock bottom. The only way is up.

Congress in power defends Congress scams.
Congress in opposition goes on offensive over Congress scams.
Media will always blast BJP.

Lalu may be convicted.
Sonia may be chargesheeted.
MMS may sign papers leading to scams.
But only allegations against Modi have to be outraged 24X7.

2015—Parliament disrupted over ____
2016—Parliament disrupted over ____
2017—Parliament disrupted over ____
Fill in the blanks with anything you want.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Sinking Congressi musings…

Congress money tanks were always flush when in Opposition.
For the first time taps in danger of running dry.

Congress: How could you dismiss Uttarakhand Government? This is murder of democracy!
Modi: Abhi to party shuru hui hai!
Ye toh bas shuruwaat hai.
Baad main na kahana kuch bhi.
Pahale hi de doon warning!

Shashi Tharoor…
Would be United Nations Secretary General.
To Minister of State.
To Kanhaiya’s spokesperson.
What a fall!

Go figure…
Student joins campus in non-BJP State.
Joins Communist politics, quits in frustration.
Commits suicide when Modi is PM.
Verdict: Modi’s fault!

Forget the Congress, President’s Rule has been implemented around 75 times just when the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty was incharge.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

The truth about the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty…

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Yet more #NationalHerald musings…

Pre-2004: Mother-in-law.
2004-14: Mother-in-law-is-law.
2015: Mother-in-law’s-mother-in-law-is-Indira-is-India.
2016: Mother-in-law-is-out-law?

Lok Sabha TV and Rajya SabhaTV should be renamed Hungama TV 1 and Hungama TV 2.

India is Sonia.
Sonia is India.
India is Delhi.
Delhi is India.
—Mainstream media.

Sonia Indira se aage nikal gayi.
Indira ne PM ke gaddi pe baithke taanashaahi ki.
Sonia Opposition benches pe baithke taanashaahi kar rahi hai.

Indira Gandhi returned not because she was jailed, but because she was released after a stupid weak case.
If you go to jail for 10 years, you generally don’t return.

A for ‪#‎AwardWapsi‬.
I for Intolerance.
V for Vendetta.
D for Dictatorship.
Mamma agla kya hai?
A: Beta, J for Jail.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Congress sinking further musings…

Congress is a family business.
Pappu is the next CEO.
India is the market.
This business has many clients.
Intense fight will continue till 2019.

Voters showed great intolerance to Congress in 2014.
They are right. Intolerance is rising. It may be worse for them in 2019.

By the time Pappu finally becomes Prime Minister, he will be a frustrated bitter old man.
India’s future is doomed.

Congress gets 44 seats in 2014 polls.
Voter: I bet you can’t go any lower!
Congress: Challenge accepted!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Seven days of the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty…

The beginning and end of the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty…

On the first day he created Motilal.

On the second day he created Jawaharlal.

On the third day he created Indira.

On the fourth day he created Sanjay.

On the fifth day he created Rajiv.

On the sixth day he created Sonia.

On the seventh day he created Pappu and rested permanently after that.

This version by Sunil Rajguru

Whatever happens, Manmohan is Mr Clean, OK?

When a fake story of a PM wearing a Rs 10 lakh suit came, tremendous outrage.
When a real story came of a PM causing a loss of Rs 2 lakh crore—well that’s OK!

Corrupt (adjective): Having or showing a willingness to act dishonestly in return for money or personal gain.
(Sticking on to PM’s chair = Personal gain.)
Usage: Manmohan Singh is corrupt to the core.

CWG scam—Off with Kalmadi!
2G scam—Off with Raja!
Coalgate—Err… ummm… the Coal Minister/Prime Minister is such a sweet fellow na?

Bolo Manmohan beta, C for Coalgate.
Manmohan: Nahin! C for Clean chit from madam. So there!

Pahele chori. (UPA2’s Coalgate, 2G, CWG, etc etc etc)
Fir seena zori. (‪#‎MarchForManmohan‬ ‪#‎IStandWithMMS‬)

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

General Congressi musings…

GandhiIndia’s creativity…
Gandhi on Rs 5 note.
Gandhi on Rs 10 note.
Gandhi on Rs 20 note.
Gandhi on Rs 50 note.
Gandhi on Rs 100 note.
Gandhi on Rs 500 note.
Gandhi on Rs 1000 note.
Mahatma Gandhi is still single-handedly running India’s economy.

Business Insider claims Sonia is a billionaire.
Media: Now that’s not news! Royal ignore.
Fake website claims that Ramdev claims Ebola cure.
Media: News! News! News!

When every Congress leader speaks rubbish on TV 24X7, does it really make a difference who is a spokesperson and who is not?
#Tharoor #Tiwari

These versions by Sunil Rajguru