Short Takes Jun-Aug 2010

· Once, they thought malaria came from swamps and marshlands. Now thanks to Dr Raj, we know better. Nobel Prize for Medicine anyone?

· Corruption is Common in India. Wealth is black all around. Yet we get alarmed only when the Game is exposed.

· Facebook Privacy = Still pretty bad Publicity

(August 3)

· Social Networking Motto: Virtual Company is better than No Company

(August 1)

· Commonblackwealth Games
(July 31)

· Current Post: Chief Damager of Indian Railways. Future Post: Chief Damager of the State of West Bengal. Advice: Emigrate by 2011. Caution: Fly out, don’t take train…

(July 24)

· Coming Soon: Wanted, Global Cut. Americans Anderson and Headley wanted in India. Lanka’s Devananda wanted. Dozens of Pak alleged terrorists wanted…

·  Difference in perspective: The US and Indian Governments thought that Anderson and Carbide employees were the victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

(June 10)

·  Indian Maths: 0.5 million victims + 15000 deaths + 25 years delay + Endless Trauma = 2 years

· Revelation #23: Actually I have a minority stake in Modi’s company which has a minority stake in Srinivasan’s company… and I gifted my stake to Supriya, so I’m clean and it was a surprise gift, so she doesn’t know yet. Aai shapath!

· B.. B.. Bengal B.. B..Basu, B.. B.. Bhattacharya aur abhi B.. B.. Banerjee ke Beech Bebas hai… Bhagwan Bhadralok ko Bachaye!

(June 7)

· Meetha hai khana aaj pahali tareek hain, meetha hai khana aaj doosri tareek hain… meetha hai khana aaj teeswi tareek hain… roz chocolate khao na yaar, ye pahali tareek ka kya funda hai?

· Tharoor-Modi Finding #45: A Tweet for a Tweet will only make all the Twits lose their jobs.

(June 6)

· Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the dirtiest of them all? The mirror just cracked, IPL is too much for it to handle.

· Mystery solved. Sri Sri: Oh God! Police: Oh Dog!

· Will Twitter ever see inflation and the number of characters go up to 160 or 180?

· Looks like Obama has got indigestion after eating Pak food for so long that he’s dying to eat Indian chapatis.

· In the 1970s, West Bengal had Ray. But no light. Then came Jyoti. And darkness. Followed by Buddha. No enlightenment. On the cards is Mamata. But I don’t think the Spirit of Love is exactly going to pervade the State for the next 5-6 years.

(June 5)

· Ignorance Premier League: The Wheelers and Dealers themselves don’t know that they are involved with the IPL!

· Cross my heart. My name is not Supriya Sule. I don’t know Sharad Pawar. And… err… what is cricket?

(June 4)

· West Bengal. Congress-Dark Ages. Left-Super Dark Ages. Mamata-Super Duper Dark Ages. I really admire the resilience of the state.

(June 1)

© Sunil Rajguru