It’s tough being a student today…

The kids are getting smarter BUT the admissions becoming tougher

Percentages are increasing AND so are the cut-lines

Study hours are increasing AT the cost of the playing time

School bags are getting heavier AS the students are tiring

The syllabus is becoming more vast AND becoming less relevant

More knowledge is being crammed AS less is being understood

The kids are talking more OF nonsense

More laws are being by-hearted BUT less being followed

Kids are getting more exposure TO the bad things in life

Children are growing up fast AND losing all their innocence

The population is increasing in Geometric Progression (GP) WHILE the jobs are rising in Arithmetic Progression (AP)

Admission ages are getting lower AS the age of getting jobs is going higher

The literacy rate is going up BUT the standard of education is going down

More degree-holders are being churned out of colleges AT what cost?

Courses are increasing AND so is the confusion

Authorities are getting tougher BUT discipline is slackening

Mental capacity is increasing AT the cost of the physical

Tensions are mounting AND parents getting angrier

Students’ voices are strengthening BUT teachers’ voices are weakening

Students are able to solve complicated problems BUT unable to do the simple ones

More institutions are opening AND more corrupting

(This appeared in a student’s publication called Cheel in Jodhpur in August 1993)