Latest round of political musings…

Not only is Gujarat a BJP-ruled State, but all its neighbours (Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra) are BJP-ruled States too.

At this rate Pappu will suggest that King Bharat’s surname was actually Nehru.

What destruction in West Bengal CPM couldn’t do in 34 years, the Trinamool has done in 34 months.

Democracy, Dynasty style…
Nehru: 1st Amendment curtailing free speech.
Indira: Emergency.
Rajiv: Anti-defamation Bill (aborted).
Sonia: Section 66A.

The Saga of SoGa has ended and the Rage of RaGa has begun.
Backup: PriVa aur uska PriVaTe Citizen hai na!

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Latest round of match-fixing musings…

Scamster ho ya match-fixer ho…
Aakhir chhoot jaata hai, chhoot jata hai…

Reporter: Srini?
Mudgal: Sriknew.
‪#‎IPL‬ ‪#‎MudgalReport‬

Selector: Did you check out Powerplay 1, Powerplay 2 and Powerplay 3?
Official: No, I was checking out Individual 1, Individual 2 and Individual 3.

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My Contrary Sachin articles…

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Bharat Ratna for cricket!
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The Paradox that is Pappu…

Pappu in 2011 after a trip to Amethi…
You feel angry if you visit the homes of the poor.
(This even though it is the Congress that has impoverished the nation by failing spectacularly from 1947-2011.)

But then…
2012: Modi practices politics of anger.
2013: Anger in India must be cooled.
2014: Angry people running nation.

All this said with great rage and bluster.
Paraphrasing Shakespeare…
His every speech is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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Nehru and Pappu musings…

If Nehru’s birthday is celebrated as Children’s Day, then Pappu’s birthday should be celebrated as Babies’ Day.

Jawaharlal Nehru’s legacy…
Confused foreign policy.
Kashmir dispute.
Chinese humiliation.
Economic policy that crashed in 1991.
Delhi durbar.
First Amendment that curtailed free speech.

Pappu is like Kumbhakaran.
Sleeps for months, gets up and rages like hell, sleeps for months again, gets up…
Meanwhile all Congress chances have gone permanently to sleep.

The Congress is just short of coining the slogan…
Mera Nehru Mahaan.
(All senior leaders as it is swear by…
Mera Dynasty Mahaan.)

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Rohit Sharma 264 musings…

Such a long journey…
From Rohit to Nohit to Superhit Sharma.

Fact of the day…
India crossed 260 in an ODI match only once from 1974-1981 (17 years).
Rohit Sharma matched that feat in 3.5 hours.

1998, Chennai.
Saeed Anwar on 194 in just the 47th over, one hit away from becoming first to hit ODI double hundred.
Sachin gets his wicket and finishes the job 12 years later.
And then the Indians just can’t get enough of them!

If Maggi wanted to hire Rohit Sharma as its brand ambassador, then they would be forced to launch 200-minute noodles.

Finishers all…
Dhoni: I can stay till the end.
Raina: I can also stay till the end.
Kohli: Me too.
Rohit: Me too.

ODI innings separated by nearly 40 years.
7 June, 1975, Sunil Gavaskar: 36* (174).
13 November, 2014, Rohit Sharma: 264 (173).

Said Shakespeare in Macbeth…
Double, double toil and trouble!
Lankan player: Really? I thought that was Rohit taunting us at Eden Gardens.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru