Pappu ban gaya nationalist…


Congress releasing ad campaign titled…
Pappu Ban Gaya Nationalist.

Indira: Garibi Hatao.
Hat gayi garibi!
Rajiv: Hame dekhna hai…
Dekh liya!
Pappu: Nationalism is in my blood.
Ban gaya nationalist!

What is your blood group?
Pappu: N+.
Pappu: Nationalism Positive.
P.S. And it tolerates antibodies like anti-Nationalism.

#‎CongressMuktBharat‬: Modi.
‪#‎MSMMuktSM‬: Twitter.
‪#‎ArnabMuktMedia‬: MSM.

Bhala tera protest mera protest se bada kaise?
Size (of protest rally) doesn’t matter.
Protests. Protests against protests.

Congress party election campaign…
For 2014 elections: Massive PR.
For 2019 elections: Massive PRotests.

Everybody’s either outraging or outraging against those outraging.
Everybody’s either protesting or protesting against those protesting.

2002-12: Attacked 24X7.
Still won 3 elections.
2013-14: Attacked 24X7.
Still won big at LS polls.
2014-16: Attacked 24X7.
Still working like mad 24X7.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Why the mainstream media is far more dangerous…

The mainstream media all over the world (newspapers, magazines and TV channels) is more manipulative, more vindictive, more driven by profit and monetary considerations, more driven by political alliances and in some cases more factually incorrect than social media (Twitter and Facebook).

An important added fact is that common Facebook and Twitter users have no access to mainstream media. However, the mainstream media has a much greater access to
Facebook and Twitter and can twist it better if it wants to, making it far more dangerous.

When Twitter and Facebook lie, you get to know of it instantaneously.

When mainstream media lies, it may take you decades to figure it out.

When it comes to governments, you may never know.

© Sunil Rajguru

How they should teach Communism in our school and colleges…

communism-17093_640Communism is an authoritarian ideology which believes that the State is a dictator and all its citizens should be oppressed in perpetuity. It collapsed partially in China in 1978 and totally in the erstwhile USSR (The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) in 1991, toppling all the Communist regimes in Europe. Experiments in Cuba and North Korea converted it into a full-fledged one-man dictatorship.

In 2016 there is still a desperate attempt to revive it through a handful of parties and student unions in India. Communism uses subterfuge, violence and aggressive agitations to push forward. It cleverly uses the clothes of utopia to dress a supremely dictatorial body.

It has fooled millions and millions of people and still rears its ugly head from time to time right in the middle of flourishing democracies like Arvind Kejriwal in New Delhi in 2013, Alexis Tsipras in Greece in 2015 and Bernie Sanders in America in 2016.

In the nineteenth century, it ruled the mind space of oppressed classes all over the world.

In the twentieth century, it ruled the mind space of governments all over the world.

In the twenty first century, it still rules the mind space of intelligentsia, liberals, seculars, academicians, universities, newspapers, magazines, TV channels and fringe political groups all over the world. These groups still hope and strive for total global domination.

Being atheist in nature, it abhors Right-wing groups from Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism, but curiously fully embraces far Right Muslim groups.

It is quite befitting that the founder Karl Marx never worked an honest day in his life and sponged off the kindness of others and Capitalism and was a Grade 1 Fart and Hypocrite.

Communism is like a virus which no matter how many times you eradicate, still comes back as a new strain. Once you get infected, you become totally immune to its million and one contradictions and want to just outrage for 24X7 for all the good and bad things in this world.

Synonyms: Anarchy, authoritarianism, dictatorship, ruin, financial collapse, genocide, hypocrisy, death…

Antonyms: Freedom, democracy, capitalism, happiness, life, prosperity, logic, common sense…

The flag of Communism is held high by the likes of Sonia Gandhi (India), Jeremy Corbyn (England) and Kim Jong-un (North Korea).

Even Nobel Laureates like Amartya Sen who should understand economics better are severely infected with a Communist strain.

It is associated with the colour red because it leads to bloodshed wherever it goes. Hitler wasn’t the biggest mass murderer of the twenty first century, but Communist leaders Stalin and Mao were.

china-1616747_640So it is quite common for worshippers of Mao and Stalin to call anyone they dislike a “Hitler”. Also goes by the name of Naxalism, Maoism and intellectualism in India.

Founded in 1848, it is yet to be eradicated 168 years after and continues with its onward march of destruction.

© Sunil Rajguru

8 things that define the #AdarshLiberals’ #IdeaOfIndia…

1. Powers of the Communist State for self, right in the middle of a flourishing democracy.

2. 100% Freedom of Speech for self and 0% for opponents.

3. Right to rubbish the State of India beyond pukeworthiness and at the same time to claim all the benefits, privileges of the State and claim immunity under its very laws.

4. Right to abuse one particular religion at the same time demanding the death penalty for rubbishing all other religions.

5. Consumption of unlimited videshi goods.

6. Unlimited foreign air travel with right to curb even a fellow citizen’s car travel on the grounds of pollution control and Climate Change.

7. The right to abuse anyone 24X7 at the same time claiming to be victim 24X7.

8. The right to contradict oneself 24X7 and virulently pointing any little contradiction in the opponent.

© Sunil Rajguru

For the first time ever, Sonia stands isolated…

Ever since Sonia Gandhi entered the Indian scene, she has directly or indirectly been in a position of great power. Take a look…

1968-77: Daughter-in-law of Prime Minister.

1977-80: Daughter-in-law of Leader of the Opposition.

1980-84: Daughter-in-law of Prime Minister.

1984-89: Wife of Prime Minister.

1989-91: Wife of Leader of the Opposition.

1991-98: Every Prime Minister wary that Sonia directly or indirectly can topple him.

1998-2004: Leader of Opposition.

2004-14: Controller of Prime Minister.

As you can see, it’s a continuous chain and for the first time it has been broken.

2004-16: Prime Minister not dependent on her and there isn’t even a Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha.

That’s why Parliament is being disrupted non-stop and Bills are not being passed so that the Prime Minister becomes dependent on Sonia and parity is restored.

That’s why the Supreme Court was approached for the Leader of the Opposition post even though there was a next to zero chance for success.Parity had to be restored.

The plan has been totally busted for it should have been…

2014-__: Mother of Prime Minister.

Mission 2019 is reaching a desperation stage in 2016 itself.

© Sunil Rajguru

The rights of these Indians to be anti-Indian…

Sadda haq, itthe rakh.
Sedition haq, itthe rakh.

In America, saying “I will destroy my country” or supporting such a statement would be political suicide.
In Indian politics however you can thrive.

Intellectuals protesting against Twitter protesting against journalists protesting against lawyers protesting against JNU students protesting against the Indian State…

Minor difference…
During Emergency, Nobody could protest.
Right now Everybody is protesting all the time.

2011 was against corruption. Great.
2012 was against rape. Noble.
2014 was against UPA2 debacle. OK.
2016 is against India and pro-Afzal. Really?!?

Minor difference boss…
In 1977, all the Opposition got together to attack Indira.
In 2016, all the Opposition got together to attack India.

Bharat maange azaadi…
…from all these anti-India jokers.

Freedom to Attack India.
Freedom to Lie.
Freedom to Malign.
Freedom to Abuse.
When that is attacked, dubbed an attack on Freedom of Speech.

Protest A… Protest B… Protest C… all the way to Z.
Meanwhile Jungle Raj continues unabated in Bihar, UP, WB and even Kerala.

Delhi protestors…
Citizens against corruption/rape/etc.
Residents/staff/lawyers against students
Journalists against lawyers.
Lawyers against journalists.

We even have a caste system of freedom of speech in India.
Some have it all, some partially and some none at all.

CPM has 20/790 MPs and just 1 CM but 100% right on student politics.
BJP has 329/790 MPs and 8 CMs but 0% right on student politics.

For the first time the Opposition is more eager for the declaration of Emergency than the government.
Be careful what you wish for.

BJP should demand a Bharat Ratna for Sonia.
Pappu would oppose and agitate against even that.

India’s Congress party is consistent.
Whether in the Government or Opposition, it tries to create an Emergency-like situation.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

General JNU musings…

MIT produces GNU.
India produces JNU.
US system encourages StartUps.
Indian system encourages ShutDowns.

MIT: We are developing AI (Artificial Intelligence).
JNU: We are also developing AI (Anti-Indianism).

Which world class university will tolerate non-stop brazen indiscipline by its students?
That’s the real issue in JNU, not anti-India slogans.

Doodh maango to kheer denge,
Kashmir maango to cheer denge.
Commie student unions…
Doodh maango to out of stock bolenge,
Kashmir maango to free main denge.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Hate Modi. Hate India. Hate Development. Hate Governance.

Sonia. 0% qualifications. 0% ideas. 0% attacked.
Lalu. 0% governance. 0% development. 0% attacked.
Modi. 100% development. 100% ideas. 100% attacked.

Minor difference…
People protested non-stop under UPA2.
Intellectuals protesting non-stop under Modi.

Think it over…
They have a problem with Supreme Court clearing an Indian (Modi).
They have a problem with Supreme Court convicting a Pakistani (Kasab).

1. Modi—When I become Prime Minister, all my opponents will be on the streets.
2. Congress and media protest on the streets.
3. Modi—Not at all what I meant, but I will take it anyway!

Terrorist: I confess!
Sessions court: He’s guilty.
HC: He’s guilty.
SC: He’s guilty.
President: No pardon.
‪#‎AdarshLiberal‬: Murder! Innocent!
#AdarshLiberal 1: I allege that Modi is…
#AdarshLiberal 2: Guilty! Hang him!

Verdict: We love him!
Verdict: Hang him based on totally unproven and hateful allegations!

Modi versus all other politicians.
Arnab versus all other journalists.
Communism versus all other ideologies.

Modi ‪#‎MakeInIndia‬.
Opponents ‪#‎BeefcakeInIndia‬.
Pappu ‪#‎BrakeInIndia‬.
Communists ‪#‎BreakInIndia‬.
Kejri ‪#‎FakeInIndia‬.

Sonia is India’s Worst politician and Modi India’s Best.
MSM Loves Sonia and Hates Modi.
Then asks: We are the Best not the Worst, so why are we Hated, not Loved?

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Communism is flourishing in India in 2016…

In Capitalism, 1% have 99% of the wealth.
Communism brings this wealth down to one-thousandth.
Then the top 0.01% have 100% of the power.

Communism doesn’t exist in school,
Really flourishes in college,
Burns dimly when you start working,
Totally dies when you’ve to pay all the bills.

Whenever Capitalism fails, the ideology which gets 0/100 (Communism) shouts and criticizes the most.

No ideology has so spectacularly failed amongst the masses simultaneously spectacularly succeeding amongst intelligentsia.

Communism is the answer!
(To the question: Do you want destruction?)
‪#‎JNU‬ ‪#‎Sonia‬ ‪#‎Kejri‬ ‪#‎Sanders‬ ‪#‎Nehru‬ ‪#‎Naxal‬

Irony alert…
Communist regimes simply kill those who speak against them.
But Indian Communists go batshit crazy when even an arrest is made and someone is merely presented in court.

Everything is Red (Communist).
You try to make even 0.1% saffron and all hell breaks loose.

1% Communists can control 100% India.
80% Hindus can’t control even 1% of India.

In India, the Left has been the most violent entity giving the lowest development and governance.
But it takes the highest moral ground possible.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

How Kejri has travelled a million miles in U-turns…

Rants against politicians.
Becomes politician.

Rants against Congress.
Takes support of Congress.

Rants against Lalu.
Joins hands with Lalu.

Rants against chargesheeted legislators.
Starts collecting chargesheeted MLAs.

Rants against political ads.
Gives record political ads.

Rants against paid news.
Gives ads which look like paid news.

Rants against high politicians hiking their salaries.
Gives himself and cronies four-fold salary hikes.

Rants against perks and privileges.
Takes record perks and privileges.

Rants against mainstream media.
Makes friends with mainstream media and utilizes it fully.

Rants against abuse and violence.
Uses abuse and violence.

Rants against caste and minority politics.
Milks caste and minority politics to the full.

Rants against misogynists.
Goes on a midnight dharna to support a misogynist.

Rants against secrecy and lack of transparency.
Takes the very same route.

Rants against tokenism.
Makes tokenism the cornerstone of his policy.

Rants against lazy politicians.
Takes no portfolio and keeps taking breaks.

Rants against politicians not taking responsibility.
Keeps passing the buck.

Rants against corruption.
Still ranting against corruption without doing anything.

Praises democracy to the hilt.
Behaves like a dictator.

Complains that Modi refuses to meet him.
Refuses to meet many of his own party men.

Says he’s an aam aadmi.
Behaves like a super khaas aadmi.

Complains of abuse on Twitter.
Abuses himself.

Tells all politicians to behave themselves.
Keeps ranting rudely in public against anyone.

Talks of farmer suicides…
…even though there are no farmers in Delhi and one mysteriously died in his rally.

Talks of being a messiah of the middle class.
Concentrates on the lower class for votes.

Says he’s going to change the system.
Anarchy is all he has.

Flays politicians for giving false promises.
Gives even more false promises himself.

Calls Anna Hazare his guru.
Dumps him at first available opportunity.

Rants against Modi using private planes.
Takes one immediately after that.

Calls Sheila Dixit corrupt and says he’ll take action.
People still waiting.
(In fact waiting for Kejri to do something really good is like Waiting for Godot.)

Ranted so much against the cold selfish establishment.
Has become the cold selfish establishment.

And he still has tonnes of supporters.

© Sunil Rajguru

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Congress strong believer of “Love They Enemy”…

When Afzal Guru attacked Parliament, Sonia was an MP along with 100+ other Congressis and yet Sonia, Rahul and Congress support the supporters of Afzal.

DMK supports LTTE which killed Congress leader Rajiv and yet Sonia, Rahul and Congress support DMK.

Congress and CPI-CPM clash regularly in West Bengal and Kerala with untold tales of violence and yet Congress supports CPI-CPM everywhere else.

After Independence CPI officially declared its intent to remove Congress through armed struggle and yet Congress happily embraces those with CPI’s ideology.

© Sunil Rajguru