Why the mainstream media is far more dangerous…

The mainstream media all over the world (newspapers, magazines and TV channels) is more manipulative, more vindictive, more driven by profit and monetary considerations, more driven by political alliances and in some cases more factually incorrect than social media (Twitter and Facebook).

An important added fact is that common Facebook and Twitter users have no access to mainstream media. However, the mainstream media has a much greater access to
Facebook and Twitter and can twist it better if it wants to, making it far more dangerous.

When Twitter and Facebook lie, you get to know of it instantaneously.

When mainstream media lies, it may take you decades to figure it out.

When it comes to governments, you may never know.

© Sunil Rajguru

If newspapers marketed themselves like websites…

The world’s No. 1 paper has a circulation of 3 million plus.

That’s 3 million Unique Visitors a day!

That makes it 90 million Unique Visitors a month!

Every newspaper is read by four people.

We could call that 360 million total Visitors a month!

Now every Visitor flicks through almost the whole paper and therefore sees at least 20 Pages.

That’s 7.2 billion Page Views!

(Now isn’t that the more than the population of the world?
Note: Take Web Statistics with a pinch of salt.)

This version by Sunil Rajguru