at pinnawella 1Born in Delhi. Share a love-hate relationship with that city.

Brought up in Assam and Thane. Don’t remember much though.

Studied in London. At times I think I still think like a Brit.

Sainik School Satara. Brought some discipline in life.

Did my graduation in science. Physics, Chemistry & Maths, all three.

Studied journalism. Gave direction to my career.

Became a newspaper man. Think the night shifts corroded my soul.

Tried other forms of Media. Dotcom, magazine, NGO… the usual.

Also dabbled in market research. Just the content side.

Then tried to make a living purely out of Writing. Still a work in progress.

Curently a Tech Media Professional. Views on this site are strictly personal.

Author of…

The Great War on Prithvi—A fantasy adventure about a teenager called Vishnu Shastri caught in a parallel universe of astra warfare.

Available on Amazon India here.

I am in the process getting my second book published…

Durga’s Revenge—A tale of love, hate, revenge & re-incarnation based in Rajasthan.

I am also writing a number of books on science fiction and other genres.

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