8 things that define the #AdarshLiberals’ #IdeaOfIndia…

1. Powers of the Communist State for self, right in the middle of a flourishing democracy.

2. 100% Freedom of Speech for self and 0% for opponents.

3. Right to rubbish the State of India beyond pukeworthiness and at the same time to claim all the benefits, privileges of the State and claim immunity under its very laws.

4. Right to abuse one particular religion at the same time demanding the death penalty for rubbishing all other religions.

5. Consumption of unlimited videshi goods.

6. Unlimited foreign air travel with right to curb even a fellow citizen’s car travel on the grounds of pollution control and Climate Change.

7. The right to abuse anyone 24X7 at the same time claiming to be victim 24X7.

8. The right to contradict oneself 24X7 and virulently pointing any little contradiction in the opponent.

© Sunil Rajguru

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