UK Conservative Party’s 5 steps to political oblivion

London Parliament1. Why have a Brexit referendum when you don’t want Brexit in the first place? (June 2016)
David Cameron didn’t want Brexit. Most of the politicians in the UK didn’t want Brexit. Most of London didn’t want Brexit. So if you want to firmly stay in the EU, why have a Brexit referendum? David Cameron’s decision defies logic. All his reasoning was dubious at that time and even more so with hindsight. And if the country finally voted for Brexit, why resign and not implement their will? Initially Cameron talked of a 3-4 months transition. Why hang about when you don’t want to do your job?

2. Why replace a Remainer with a Remainer? (July 2016)
Luckily the replacement came in July. But what is the logic of replacing one Remainer (Cameron) with another Remainer (Theresa May). Only a Brexiteer PM would have sorted out the issue. But the Conservatives insisted on insulting a public mandate and making the whole issue fester.

3. After a needless referendum, why go in for a needless snap poll? (June 2017)
May proved to be a Cameron clone. Both were Remainers and both called for needless public polls to waste everyone’s time.

4. Boris Johnson coming late to the party (July 2019)
Love him or hate him, he was the only person who should have been PM in 2016 as a true Brexiteer. Instead Cameron quit and May proved ineffective in giving a good solution for the Brits. Johnson also couldn’t do much initially and had to foist yet another snap poll on the public (December 2019) to get his way, only to find himself out thanks to the Conservatives total inability to implement Brexit. We had a PM for under 2 months followed by Rishi Sunak.

5. Why have yet another snap poll? (July 2024)
The writing was on the wall. Labour was heading for a landslide. So any PM would have simply waited till December when the term ended hoping that either Labour started making mistakes or something happened in the next few months that would make the Conservatives better. But Sunak pulled the rug 5-6 months before the term expired.

Bottomline: From 2016-24, the Conservatives gave the public a referendum and three general elections. They desperately seemed to be wanting to end every term while every PM seemed itching to quit. Well they all finally got their wish with a Labour landslide in 2024.

2014. Congress. Out!

2015. Labour. Out!

2016. Democrats. Out!


Prediction: In 2009 when the Congress won, they told us that by 2014 the party would get 272 Lok Sabha seats and the BJP would be finished.

Reality: The BJP got 282 and the Congress got decimated and faces terminal decline.

Prediction: In 2015 they said Labour would make a comeback and the Tories would really struggle.

Reality: The Labour got wiped out, the Miliband brothers went into oblivion and Corbyn is slowly banging nails into the party coffin.

Prediction: In 2016 they said Hillary would win, Trump would be disgraced and the Republicans would fight themselves to decline especially in the face of the declining white population.

Reality: The Republicans will soon control the White House, Senate, House of Representatives and have the most Governors too, not to mention a conservative Supreme Court.

The Democrats on the other hand just had a Civil War between Hillary and Sanders’ supporters and are currently running around like headless chickens.

The axis has turned. The world has turned Right.

© Sunil Rajguru

Yet more #Brexit musings…

When the human race becomes extinct, will Mother Earth celebrate ‪#‎Humanexit‬?

The last Brit to win the Wimbledon’s men’s singles was way back in 1936.
(Headline after ‪#‎Scotexit‬)

At this rate, “exit” will become the greatest suffix of the century, as # has already emerged as the Number one prefix.

May will become Prime Minister in July.

The USA and India did great when the Brits left.
Don’t worry EU!

Looks like it’s a chain reaction…

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

#Brexit musings…

eu-1473958_640In 2014, 31% Indians became bigots.
In 2016, 52% Brits became bigots.
Let’s see what % of Americans become bigots by 2016 end.

1. Scottish Independence.
2. Scotland joining EU.
3. Ireland unification.
4. United Ireland joining EU.
Then final one for…
5. England rejoining EU.

The referendum should have had three choices…
1. Leave.
2. Remain.
3. I don’t know what the hell all this really means.
3. might have won hands down.

Options they want to put in the next referendum…
1. Remain (prosperous).
2. Leave (and get ruined).

Model employee.
UK Prime Minister David Cameron gracefully resigned from his post and gave his country a 3-month notice period.

The end of every winter in Britain should henceforth be called ‪#‎BrrrExit‬.


If Spain quits the EU, then it’ll be one helluva
Hasta la vista baby!

c/o UK.
c/o EU.
UK: Chuck c/o EU.
Scotland: Chuck c/o UK.

Merkel lets in refugees.
GB exits EU.
Cameron quits.
Scotland may quit.
More referendum calls.
German chancellors & Europe!

India to Britain…
‪#‎Brexit‬ ho gaya, theek hai.
Ab ‪#‎Mallyaexit‬ kara do.

Out of touch?
99% media opposed Brexit.
52% Brits supported it.
99% media opposed Trump.
45% Republicans voted for him—Against 25% for Cruz.

After ‪#‎Brexit‬ will come ‪#‎Branxiety‬.

Advice for future referendums…
Have a Best of 5 series of referendums over a period of one year to let it sink in for the voters.

You can’t have a second referendum.
If Remain wins, then Leave will push for Best of 3 and even force a national crisis.

It seems…
52% voters in Great Britain support Brexit.
99% of people outside oppose it.
But as they say…
Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.

Why we have anti-intellectualism.
Trump, 52% voters support Brexit.
Cameron, Obama, 48% oppose.
Intellectuals: Trump, 52% should be ashamed!

It is not anti-intellectualism.
People are totally tired of the lies intellectuals have been telling them for decades.
‪#‎Brexit‬ ‪#‎Trump‬

EU: You look tired. Do you want to take leave?
GB: Permanent leave please.

After Brexit, people are asking, who is next?
So that should be called ‪#‎Nexit‬.
Or ‪#‎Whoisnexit‬.

1. England.
2. Britain.
3. UK.
4. EU
Now in reverse.
4. Out of EU.
3. ‪#‎Scotexit‬ looming to make it Disunited Kingdom.

Traditional media fought against Modi, Trump’s Republican nomination and Brexit.
Lost on all fronts.
Hillary has 100% media support.
She should be very afraid.

If they are having second thoughts, they can have another referendum and call it ‪#‎Brexitexit‬.

United Kingdom beats United Europe.
Britain is Great without EU.
Leave letter trumps Stay order.
Cameroff for Prime Minister?

Crazy predictions in 2010…
Modi to be PM.
Ex-IRS officer to be Delhi CM.
Leicester City to win Premier League.
Britain to leave EU.
Trump to be US President.

EU wins—Collapses.
Obama wins—West Asia collapses.
Mohammed Yunus wins—Charged with fraud.
Kofi Annan wins—In oil for food scam.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru