UK Conservative Party’s 5 steps to political oblivion

London Parliament1. Why have a Brexit referendum when you don’t want Brexit in the first place? (June 2016)
David Cameron didn’t want Brexit. Most of the politicians in the UK didn’t want Brexit. Most of London didn’t want Brexit. So if you want to firmly stay in the EU, why have a Brexit referendum? David Cameron’s decision defies logic. All his reasoning was dubious at that time and even more so with hindsight. And if the country finally voted for Brexit, why resign and not implement their will? Initially Cameron talked of a 3-4 months transition. Why hang about when you don’t want to do your job?

2. Why replace a Remainer with a Remainer? (July 2016)
Luckily the replacement came in July. But what is the logic of replacing one Remainer (Cameron) with another Remainer (Theresa May). Only a Brexiteer PM would have sorted out the issue. But the Conservatives insisted on insulting a public mandate and making the whole issue fester.

3. After a needless referendum, why go in for a needless snap poll? (June 2017)
May proved to be a Cameron clone. Both were Remainers and both called for needless public polls to waste everyone’s time.

4. Boris Johnson coming late to the party (July 2019)
Love him or hate him, he was the only person who should have been PM in 2016 as a true Brexiteer. Instead Cameron quit and May proved ineffective in giving a good solution for the Brits. Johnson also couldn’t do much initially and had to foist yet another snap poll on the public (December 2019) to get his way, only to find himself out thanks to the Conservatives total inability to implement Brexit. We had a PM for under 2 months followed by Rishi Sunak.

5. Why have yet another snap poll? (July 2024)
The writing was on the wall. Labour was heading for a landslide. So any PM would have simply waited till December when the term ended hoping that either Labour started making mistakes or something happened in the next few months that would make the Conservatives better. But Sunak pulled the rug 5-6 months before the term expired.

Bottomline: From 2016-24, the Conservatives gave the public a referendum and three general elections. They desperately seemed to be wanting to end every term while every PM seemed itching to quit. Well they all finally got their wish with a Labour landslide in 2024.