In India you have to be single to rule…

modi-7753158_1280Jawaharlal Nehru was Prime Minister from 1947-64. He was a widower. Kamala Nehru died in 1936.

Indira Gandhi was PM from 1966-77 and 1980-84. She was a widow. Feroze Gandhi died in 1960.

PV Narasimha Rao was PM from 1991-96. He was a widower. His wife Satyamma died in 1970.

AB Vajpayee* was PM from 1996-96 and 1998-2004. He was a bachelor.

Sonia was Super PM from 2004-14. She is a widow. Rajiv Gandhi died in 1991.

Narendra Modi is a bachelor/single, depending on how you look at it because he was a victim of an illegal child marriage which did not go forward.

That covers about 65/77 years of India’s Independence.

*The run up to 2004 was interesting because Vajpayee was PM, bachelor APJ Abdul Kalam was President and Sonia was Leader of the Opposition.

Pappu and a family of Pappus…

Rajiv oversees Sikh genocide and Kashmiri Pandit exodus.
Sonia: Modi—Maut ka saudagar!
Sonia oversaw massive defence decline 2004-14.
Pappu: Modi—Jawano ka khoon ka dalaal!

Nehru let PoK get away.
Indira communalized J&K.
Rajiv allowed Pandit exodus to happen.
Terrorism gained foothold under Rao.
Huge mess to clean.

Don’t want J&K!
Don’t want UN SC seat!
Don’t want Indus water!
Don’t want Aksai Chin!
Don’t want US N-deal!
Don’t want…
#AdarshLiberal: Wow! Foreign Policy whiz!

Computers kaun laya?
Reforms kaun laya?
Democracy kaun laya?
X100 kaun laya?
Aside: Ab Cong jeetega?
Modi: Pappu kaun laya?
Cong haara!

US film on alcoholism: The Lost Weekend.
Indian film on UPA’s corruption, inefficiency, misgovernance and defence decline: The Lost Decade.

#PrashantKishore slowing down…
4th Gear: Helped Modi.
3rd Gear: Helped Nitish.
2nd Gear: Invariably helped Lalu too.
1st Gear: Struggling with Pappu.
Next: The brakes. The End.

Pappu cannot do one thing wrong. (Mera Pappu mahaan)
Modi cannot do one thing right. (Tera Modi beimaan)
#AdarshLiberal #Congress

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Nehru and his disastrous Communist ecosystem

nehru-2361331_640Surrenderer-in-Chief Nehru…
Surrendered PoK.
Surrendered UN seat.
Surrendered Indus water.
Surrendered US N-treaty.
Surrendered Aksai Chin.

With every new revelation you get the sinking feeling that Nehru hated India and in fact wanted to destroy it.
Also perfectly explains the attitude of Nehru worshipers today.

2013: We will stop RSS-VHP-Hindutva.
2014: We will stop Modi.
2015: We will stop Amit Shah.
2016: We will stop Arnab.
2017: We will stop Changu-Mangu.

99% simply rely on Capitalism and don’t believe in Communism.
That doesn’t make them “Right” but “Normal”.
People labeling them the “Right” are the real loonies.

Birthday boy #ManmohanSingh is the only person who has played sidekick to both a great hero (PV Narasimha Rao) and a great villain (Sonia).

Mahatma Gandhi did not win us Independence.
He won us Dependence (to the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty).

Don’t need J&K.
Don’t need Army.
Don’t need UN seat.
Don’t need Indus water.
Don’t need Aksai Chin.
Don’t need Capitalism.
Statesman or joker?

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

How India actually votes in the general elections…

1951, 57, 62: Let’s vote for Nehru.

1967: Let’s give Indira a chance.

1971: Indira rocks! Let’s vote for her again.

1977: Indira is so arrogant. Let’s just vote against her.

1980: Indira wasn’t so bad after all. Let’s vote for her again.

1984: Indira is gone. Poor Rajiv. Let’s give him a chance.

1989: Rajiv is so arrogant. Let’s just vote against him.

1991: Poor Rajiv went. Let’s vote for Congress.

1996: What, no dynasty? No vote for Congress.

1998, 99: Actually, Sonia is still inexperienced. Let’s not vote for her just yet.

2004: Ah! Sonia is experienced now. Let’s vote for her.

2009: Sonia has done such a decent job. Let’s vote for her again.

2014: Let’s give Rahul a chance.

© Sunil Rajguru

Lokpal’s Divine Comedy…

1963: Lokpal Version 1.0.
Creator: Papa Singhvi. PM: Pardada Nehru.

1968: Version 2.0.
Introducer: Papa Bhushan. PM: Dadi Gandhi.

1971: v3.0. 1977: v4.0.

1985: v5.0. PM: Papa Gandhi.

1989: v6.0. 2001: v7.0. 2005: v8.0. 2008: v9.0.

2011: v10.0 not cleared by Parliament.

v11.0 now to be branded as Lokpal Strong Ultra Version 11.0.

Dramatis personae & Descandants, circa 2011…
Beta Singhvi (Head of Standing Committee), Mamma Gandhi (Congress President), Beta Bhushan (Team Anna) and Mahatma Gandhi Version 2.0 (a.k.a. Anna Hazare).

Lonely Lokpal’s song…
Saare bhrastachariyo ka bojh hum uthate hain,
Sarkare aate hain, sarkare jaate hain,
Par hum yahin pe khade raha jaate hain…

Burning Question…
Will Beta Gandhi finally manage to make it a reality when he finally becomes Prime Minister one day?

Inscription for all those staring at the Lokpal Hell Gate…
Abandon hope all ye who enter here!

This version by Sunil Rajguru

Main bhi Anna, tu bhi Anna…

Uncle: Beta, tum bade hokar Gandhi banoge ya Nehru?
Beta: Par main to already Anna ban chuka hu!

According to the World Population Census, the fastest growing country in the world in the month of August was Nation Anna.

The April agitation was a first step towards the August agitation, which is the first step towards drafting a strong Lokpal Bill, which will be the first step in the long and tough battle against corruption… (First step or Last hope?)

© Sunil Rajguru