Main bhi Anna, tu bhi Anna…

Uncle: Beta, tum bade hokar Gandhi banoge ya Nehru?
Beta: Par main to already Anna ban chuka hu!

According to the World Population Census, the fastest growing country in the world in the month of August was Nation Anna.

The April agitation was a first step towards the August agitation, which is the first step towards drafting a strong Lokpal Bill, which will be the first step in the long and tough battle against corruption… (First step or Last hope?)

© Sunil Rajguru

One thought on “Main bhi Anna, tu bhi Anna…

  1. How corruption spdares? Who is reasponsible?Everyone blames politicians but politicians are human like everyone else.You give power to any person you have faith,but sooner or later he will become corrupt too.Only way to control corruption is to change yourself.That will take generations bcz it’s all related to people’s educatigon psycology.In future,you can hope (not guarantee) that new generation will think differently,and will be better than current corrupt politicians.

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