The amazing Indian Left and their bare-faced hypocrisy…

hammer-and-sickle-1183328_640Only in India…

…can the worshippers and followers of brutal tyrants and dictators like Mao Zedong (whose policies may have killed up to 70 million people) and Josef Stalin (whose policies may have killed and imprisoned tens of millions of people) and total supporters of dictatorial Emergency/Dynasty Congress regimes absolutely froth at the mouth and fume 24X7 when any other Right-leaning democratically government comes to power attacking it for being Fascist, dictatorial and intolerant.

…can thousands of Left-leaning committee/institute/board heads scream murder/Fascism/intolerance when just one such post is given to a Right-wing leaner and get the support of the entire media and civil society to boot!

…can all school textbooks be filled with Communist-leaning drivel and when anything even remotely minor and different is written to the contrary, it’s attacked virulently as “Saffronization”.

…can a Left-wing TV anchor working for a Left-wing media house unofficially reporting to a Left-wing politician pack a panel with Left-wing commentators and introduce the sole ideological opposite panellist as a “Right-wing commentator” with the entire above-mentioned lot shamelessly passed off as neutral.

…can so many people espouse an austere ideology to sickening levels and still wear designer clothes, revel in international travel and spend half of their working life in five star hotels.

© Sunil Rajguru

#VyapamGate musings…

We still don’t know how Netaji, Shastri, SP Mukherjee and Deendayal Upadhyaya died and you’re talking about ‪#‎Vyapam‬.

If we had a witness protection programme for the Vyapam scam, then we’d have to build a small township to relocate them.

Vyapam Scam =
1. Murder.
2. Corruption.
3. Conspiracy.
4. Initial media neglect.
5. Cover-up.
6. Impersonation.
7. Exam cheating.
8. Missing forms.
9. Rigging.
10. Ineligible recruits.
11. Aur kucch bacha hai kya?

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