The A to Z of Chak de India…

Every Indian citizen has his own Chak de India type of slogan to go along with his or her life…

Ask de India: The RTI activist: Asking a lot of questions. Getting some answers. Creating a lot of scams!

Buck de India: Your average Indian government official asking you for a bribe.

Chuck de India: What you feel like doing at times: Simply emigrating.

Dhak de India: Hide all the dirt and poverty and everything will be fine!

EMI ek ek karke de India: How the housing car and electronics industries are booming.

F1 de India: Asking for the moon and getting it! One of the world’s most expensive sports comes to (not so poor) Uttar Pradesh.

Geek de India: What the rest of the I-T world is asking of us.

Haq de India: The common harassed citizen always asking for his rights. A more potent form of this is Saadda Haq de India.

Ishq de India: Are we a nation starved of love?

Jhak de India: Sab Jhak hi to maarte rahate hai!

Khan de India: Whether it’s SRK, Salman or Aamir, Bollywood can’t do without any of them.

Luck de India: We are a nation that still believes in fate.

Music de India: Whether it’s Bollywood, award shows, talent hunts, school programmes… India just can’t seem to do without music.

Newsbreak de India: What all the news channels want 24X7.

Overtake de India: The slogan of all Indian roads, everyone wants to get ahead no matter what.

Puke de India: What some foreigners feel like doing when they visit some of the dirtier zones of the country.

Quick de India: Everyone is in a tearing hurry, but still things happen slowly.

Rs 32 prati din de India: Our wise men at the top think that only this much is enough to be “unpoor”.

Sachin de India: No matter how many records he makes, runs and centuries he scores, media coverage he gets, people still want more…

Thrash de India: What everyone wants to do to politicians nowadays.

Up de India: The government’s apparent slogan. Inflation, petrol prices, vegetable rates… everything seems to be going up.

Vote de India: The politician’s perpetual war cry.

Work de India: There is still a good number of unemployed in the land.

XXX de India: One of the most prudish nations of the world experiencing a sexual revolution?

Youth de India: Most of the posts are held by old fogies, when will the young take over? (No, we are not referring to Rahul Gandhi!)

Zzzzzz de India: In a developing and growing economy, everyone is overworked, stressed and starved of sleep.

© Sunil Rajguru

Sachin Mahashatak in Hollywood titles

Damn99! … How Rampaul Stole the Mahashatak … The Day the Stadium Stood Still … Players of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Mahashatak … Close Encounters of the 99 Kind … Mission: Impossible 100 … Transformers: Turning 99 into 100 … The Lost World: Century Park … SRT and the Last Century Crusade … 99 is Not Enough … Catch the Mahashatak if You Can … Gone in 1 Ball … District 99… Mahashatak Wars: The Bowler Strikes Back … Dr. Shataklove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the 99th Century … Dial 100 for Nirvana …

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Some Sachin Mahashatak musings…

∙ There’s many a slip between the 99th and 100th century.

∙ Like the Y2K problem, this is the 0.1K problem.
No-one has ever scored 100 international centuries so the counter keeps going to 00 after 99!
Someone up there better fix that counter fast!

∙ Here’s one record that Tendulkar will absolutely hate.
He’s already scored a quarter-century of international 90s.

∙ The Darren Sammy Catch had much more sting than the Sharad Pawar Slap.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru