5 things I miss about student life…

kids-909715_12801. Irresponsibility: Mannu kee?
In school, there are no real responsibilities to think about. You just go about them like a robot. In college, though you’re on your own, it really doesn’t matter. Going late? No problem! No clean clothes to wear? No problem!
No bills to pay, no promises to keep and no miles to go before I sleep—just sleep!

2. Optimism: Hum honge kaamyaab…
In school, I wanted to be Prime Minister of India. When I pass out of college I’m going to be Bill Gates! Why not! Anything is possible! I can top the class this year. Or maybe next year! I can join IIT and IIM. I can launch a company bigger that Microsoft…
The world is my oyster, even if I’ve never eaten an oyster and haven’t the foggiest idea what an oyster looks like!

3. Equality: Just another brick in the wall
In school, everyone looks and acts just the same. In college, with the right attitude, anyone can be a cool dude. You can escape all class distinctions that appear much later in life when everyone seems to have no choice but to keep up with the Joneses.
School=Total Socialism.
Work=Total Capitalism.

4. Economy: Having not much money to spend in the first place
We could really make our money last. It was in short supply and optimized to the hilt.
I remember in school, the equation was…
One ten rupee note = One rice plate + One balcony ticket + One popcorn + One bus ride back home = One day spent like a king.

5. Total time waste: Kee pharak painde?
You can waste all the time in the world in college and still have enough time to waste some more. In contrast, while working, sometimes a minute wasted seems like a horrible tragedy of hours.
Theory of Ageing Relativity: Time passes slowly in childhood and speeds up when you grow up.

Bunking: So easy in college, but just try doing it regularly at work!
Parents: They have the headaches when you’re small and you inherit all of them with compound interest when you grow up.
Choices: In school, you have only once choice: To go to the next class. After passing out of college the poor unsuspecting soul is bombarded with choices of all shapes, sizes and types which continue throughout his or her life…

© Sunil Rajguru