Diary of a perpetual Rath Yatri…

Corruption had reached its peak in 1998. Then it hit a new low in 2004.
Now the heights of 1998 have been surpassed in 2011.

I simply have to educate the poor ignorant masses of India against the evils of the Congress Empire…

Time for Yatra No. 6!

Let me personally call it “Yatra to the PM’s chair”, but publicly call it Jan Chetna Yatra instead!

(If it doesn’t succeed then I still have 3-4 more Yatras in me before I’m done!)

1: Yatra kicks off. BJP workers give cash to journalists : Fight corruption with corruption!

2: Reach Karnataka, the glorious land of land scams, BS Yedurappa, Reddy Brothers and “overmining” Bellary. (But Deve Gowda and Co. are far more corrupt)

3: Reach Daman and share stage with a criminal. (What’s all the fuss? Aren’t all politicians criminals at one level? Anyway, I am only focusing on “exposed political corruption directly related to black money”. Get it?)

4: Reach Ahmedabad and share dais with Narendra Modi. Now I wonder why I feel uncomfortable with him. Let me Praise Nitish Kumar instead!

5: Someone was planning to attack me in one place and a pipe bomb was found in another. That shows that I am on the right track. The corrupt of the land are nervous!

6: Sudheendra Kulkarni, accused in the cash-for-votes scandal, gets bail! I invite him to join the Yatra. He is not corrupt, but a poor victim of corruption. Many people gave been “stung” by him!

7: Why are people throwing eggs, showing black flags and protesting? Forget it. They are in a “minority”. (But the only problem is that they may be keeping the “majority” away and hence the sparse crowds at certain places!)

8: Uttarakhand! The corruption-free air smells so fresh here! We told Ramesh Pokhriyal to step down from the CM’s chair over corruption charges! Why don’t all the Congress ministers follow his example?

9: Me White Money only. Me no Black Money. Me Indian Bank only. Me no Swiss Bank!
(Wah! Kya Pledge hai! (Pat on the back))

10: What? The Yatra has ended? I can’t believe how fast time flies!
(I can’t wait for the next one!)

11: 40-odd days of non-stop media coverage! And you thought nobody would notice!

P.S. Can someone please tell me when the mid-term general elections are taking place?

© Sunil Rajguru