The Left is demolished. The New World Order is Here.

In the last two years the Socialist Liberal Intellectual Media Ecosystem is absolutely aghast that their world is turning upside down. Everyone seems to be turning more hostile, racist, bigoted, misogynist… just keep adding the adjectives, the Left simply loves that.

First the “Fascist” Modi got a landslide in India.

Then the “evil” Netanyahu won in Israel.

Then the “glorious” Labour got wiped out in England.

Then the “racist” Brexit won in the European Union.

Finally, horror or horrors, the sum of all fears in the form of Trump triumphed in America, beating the perfectly engineered and calibrated Hillary which represents the ultimate product of the Socialist Liberal Intellectual Media Ecosystem.

The Colossal Fraud going by the name of Karl Marx might finally see his useless and destructive ideology being laid to rest.

And the Left is doing what it does best.


Playing victim.


Doing violent protests.

Banging yet another nail in the now inevitable coffin of the Left.

Goodbye and good riddance!

It wasn’t nice knowing you!

© Sunil Rajguru

Totally Left behind now

In 1990 Liberals cheered the victory of a sexual predator for the White House.
In 2016 they are frothing at the mouth as the same guy can’t enter again via his crooked wife.

The Republicans are in the strongest position they have been since 1928 and the American media told you they were on the verge of collapse.

The Cyberspace Freedom of Speech Rule.
A Leftist may abuse and abuse and abuse and stay.
A Rightist may criticize and be suspended.

Liberals International.
UK-Labour—Spiritual fountainhead.
US-Democrats—Financial fountainhead.
India-Congress-Commies—Just sponges off both.

Left: We worship Mao and Stalin who were good killers while Right follows Hitler who was a bad killer.
Right: But we haven’t even spoken yet.
Left: Good, keep it that way!

The worshippers of Mao and Stalin (who together killed more that 100 million) are no longer in charge of the world.
#Modi #Brexit #Trump

#Congress #Labour #Democrats
Leftist parties finally getting uniformly thrashed all over the world.
Liberals-NGOs funding drying up.

After making a whopping $80 billion solely off Capitalism, Bill Gates says that Capitalism isn’t working and we need Socialism.

Elliot Carver.
Tomorrow Never Dies—1997.
Every media mogul’s ultimate ideal.
Only they fall flat on their faces.
#TrumpWin #Brexit #ModiWave

Liberal arrogance + Left’s overconfidence + Media manipulation…
…may have actually led to Modi landslide + Brexit + Trump win.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Trump is here for 4 years. Deal with it.

When it was said ____ would win, you were laughing.
You’re not laughing now, are you?
#Farage #Brexit #Trump #Modi

Democrats and media instead of reforming and rebuilding, will attack Trump 24X7 for the next four years, thereby digging their own graves.

Why pollsters couldn’t predict Trump/Brexit…
1. Dishonesty.
2. Bias.
3. Supporters clobbered into silence by liberals and media.

Some are still peddling that the best of America voted for Hillary and the worst for Trump.
It’s as if #Wikileaks #SyriaWar #ClintonScams #Benghazi #WeinerGate #DNCLeaks #Podesta and dozens of other controversies simply never happened!

American voters have chosen a Republican White House, Senate and House.
#Hillbullies will bring down the Democratic vote even further.

Under Obama, gun sales, gun violence, racial intolerance, Middle East instability, illegal immigration skyrocketed.
Media too busy attacking Trump.

Many won’t get this now.
But Obama will be remembered as the man who totally destroyed the Democratic Party.

Leaders hated Trump.
Voters loved Trump.
Leaders backed Hillary.
Voters backed Sanders.
Moral: Always listen to the voters.

Sanders and Hillary supporters attacked Trump supporters.
#Hillbullies on rampage.
Verdict—Trump is violent bigoted Hitler!

Violence against Trump supporters.
They asked for it!
Didn’t vote for Hillary.
Racist! Misogynist! Bigot!
Keep it up Liberals.
That’s how Trump will win 2020.

All the US Presidents elected in the 20th/21st Century have been 5″9′ and above.
Trump is 6″3′.
Hillary never had a chance.

When a sexual predator could enter the White House in 1991, just about anybody could be President after that.

If 90 million vote for Candidate A, 10 million for Candidate B—10 million still have power to riot and protest.
#Hillbullies have lost it.

The Obama effect.
2017 will see a Republican White House, Senate and House of Congress.
Plus a whopping 35/50 will be Republican Governors.

Hillary backers: We couldn’t prevent a Hitler from coming to power.
Trump backers: We denied the most corrupt politician in history a win.

Hillary supporters are citing white rage, misogyny, racism, bigotry, Putin, WikiLeaks, Electoral College…
But the core issue is still being ignored.
Her colossal and unprecedented corruption.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Kejri ko #Demonetization pe itna gussa kyun aa raha hai?

2011: Anti-corruption march.
2016: Anti anti-corruption march

2011 August Kranti: Anti-corruption.
2016 November Bahut Krantikari: Anti Anti-corruption.

2011: Promises all measures to fight against all corruption.
2016: Fights against all anti-corruption measures.

2011: I will end the corruption of UPA.
2016: I will end the anti-corruption of NDA.

Who would’ve thought?
The party born out of the anti-corruption movement is now marching against anti-corruption!

Mamata rules like a dictator.
Calls #Demonetisation Draconian.
Kejri claims to be against corruption.
Calls an anti-corruption move corrupt.

Does dharna-anarchy.
He won a Magsaysay?
Talks nonsense 24X7.
He’s an IITian?
Talks nonsense on #Demonetization.
He’s ex-IRS?

After running out of his current nonsense, Kejri will be alleging aliens, UFOs, Illuminati, Area 51, the Apocalypse… in the 2019 elections.

If Kejri was Sports Editor of a newspaper…
Sports Page would carry business, foreign, national, films, horoscope…
Anything but sports!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

The Congress and #Demonetization

Think it over…
In 1954 Nehru introduced the super high Rs 10,000 note for a poor India.
That would have helped the corrupt rich or ordinary citizens?

There have been three demonetizations.
What is common to all three?
Congress was not in charge.
That itself tells the story.

1954—Congress Finance Minister introduces whopping Rs 10,000 note.
2016—After tonnes of inflation, ex-Congress Finance Minister puzzled at Rs 2,000 note.

Sonia presides over a 100 scams.
Everyone’s happy with her.
Modi does a 100 good things.
24X7 attacks and analysis of how he’ll lose 2019 for actually doing good!

Pappu’s shoot and scoot politics explained with lyrics of Oye Oye’s Tridev (1989)…
Gali gali main firta hai tu kyun banke banjara…

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

So #Demonetization has hit them really really hard

Mr India, 2016.
Mogambo enters India, vows destruction.
#Demonetization happens.
Mogambo’s black money wiped out, flees India.
The End.

TV news.
20% coverage = All the benefits, pitfalls and long-term implications of #Demonetization.
80% coverage = Long queues.

Modi will lose 2002.
Modi will lose 2007.
Modi will lose 2014.
Modi will lose 2019 due to #Demonetization.

Modi doesn’t believe in ATM but ATDM.
ATDM = Any Time De-Monetization!

#BewafaSonamGupta nahin, par woh black note tha jispe us ka naam likha tha.
#BewafaSonamGupta ek thi, par bewafa black note lakhon main hai.

Baad main na kahana kucch bhi,
Pahale hi de doon warning,
Party chalegi till all the corrupt are in mourning,
Abhi to party shuru hui hai!

If America did #Demonetization of the $100 bill, forget America, the whole world would descend into chaos.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru