The Congress and #Demonetization

Think it over…
In 1954 Nehru introduced the super high Rs 10,000 note for a poor India.
That would have helped the corrupt rich or ordinary citizens?

There have been three demonetizations.
What is common to all three?
Congress was not in charge.
That itself tells the story.

1954—Congress Finance Minister introduces whopping Rs 10,000 note.
2016—After tonnes of inflation, ex-Congress Finance Minister puzzled at Rs 2,000 note.

Sonia presides over a 100 scams.
Everyone’s happy with her.
Modi does a 100 good things.
24X7 attacks and analysis of how he’ll lose 2019 for actually doing good!

Pappu’s shoot and scoot politics explained with lyrics of Oye Oye’s Tridev (1989)…
Gali gali main firta hai tu kyun banke banjara…

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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