Modi ✔ #OROP, Pappu-Kejri ✖ but asked for proof…

Modi is the only Indian to be attacked, rubbished, vilified and demonized for working and actually delivering the goods.

Defence procurement speeded up.
Army given free hand, #SurgicalStrike.
#OROP implemented.
#AdarshLiberals: Sparta! Modi is anti-Army!

Empty vessels make much noise.
Kejri is the emptiest vessel in India and hence makes maximum noise.

Mind-boggling spin.
Indira scraps #OROP.
Rajiv does nothing.
Sonia does nothing.
Modi implements #OROP.
Gets royally demonized for it.

Modi attacks his enemies failures.
His enemies attack Modi’s successes.

Muslims in fear.
Churches under attack.
Dalits targeted.
Beef bans.
Servicemen woes…
Began only after 2014.
India was paradise from 1947-2014.

When Modi achieves India’s 100% electrification, he’ll be attacked for all electrical injuries, late night TV watching, high power bills…

Kaam kaaj to kuch hai nahin.
Bas Bharat Darshan karo aur halla karo.

Tomorrow Pappu will walk on a highway built by the Government and claim there is no highway.
Kejri will ask for proof and flee without waiting for an answer.

2011—They ranted and raved against the worst politicians.
2016—They have surpassed those worst politicians to become the new mud standard.

Fake leaders.
Fake in government.
Fake causes.
Fake even as an Opposition.
#Congress #PoliticsOfDeath #KhoonKiDalali

Congress = One Raag Only Pappu.
AAP = One Rut Only PM.

Priyanka-Robert have Lutyens’ bungalow & SPG despite doing nothing.
Pappu has paraphernalia beyond common MP.
One Family One Lifelong Pension.

Senior Leader of Opposition = Kejri.
Junior Leader of Opposition = Pappu.

Mahatma Gandhi went to jail for a cause.
Pappu Gandhi went to jail for #AdarshLiberals’ applause.

Anti Army Party and Anti OROP Party screaming the loudest.

Doing work for Delhi = 0%.
Commenting on everything that doesn’t concern him = 100%.

Part time politician.
Time pass politics.
Full time nautanki.
Faltu politics.

2015: I promise this, this, that, that… sun, moon… falana dhimkana…
2020: Since I did none of that, same promises.

2 years after 2014, many successes.
5 years after 2011, still no Lokpal.

Greatest case of intolerance ever is still that which #AdarshLiberals show for Modi’s good work.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Yet more US Presidential musings…

While America got Obamacare, the Middle East got Hillarycare.

Obama’s slogan.
Yes we can… take forward Bush’s New World Order #WithHer.

Obama administration took the Surveillance State to commanding heights.
Equal and opposite reaction.
Hacking-leaking took it to plummeting depths.

Media: Scams. Sex. Emails. Health. Wars. Lies…
My God! Hillary is the worst candidate ever!
Owners: OK, sell Trump as the worst ever.
Media: Working on it!

Hillary mocks ½ of Trump supporters & ½ of Sanders supporters.
Could well include nearly ½ of all voters.
Remaining ½ don’t love her either.

Wag the tail.
Great spin: Wag the dog.
2016 Hillary spin: Wag the globe.
#MSM #2016USPolls

1981-85: Vice President Bush.
1985-89: Vice President Bush.
1989-93: President Bush.
1993-97: President Clinton.
1997-2001: President Clinton.
2001-05: President Bush.
2005-09: President Bush.
2009-13: Secretary of State Clinton.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Random mainstream media musings…

If Arnab joins Bigg Boss, then the first person he will evict is Salman.

Sad fact…
Tens of thousands of murders, rapes, suicides, thefts… per year.
Sadder fact…
Media cherry picks just one to further agenda.

Take any issue.
If 99% support Modi, simply give 99% coverage to the remaining 1%.

Yesterday’s lead—Rs 3,000 crore drugs seized in Udaipur.
Second lead—27 more AAP MLAs get office of profit notice, total 48/67 may be disqualified.
Hence media went with #OROP, even though it’s already been implemented.

Headlines for 2019…
#BlowToModi, he’ll will lose #BiggestTest.
India Model has failed.
Malnutrition skyrockets.
Kejri-Pappu great hopes.

Most encounters…
Punjab under Congress.
Mumbai under Congress.
UP under SP/BSP.
Solution: Focus only on BJP States.

According to sources*.
*Before=Real cultivated insider.
Then=That’s the rumour.
Now=I just made it up!

Narendra Modi’s combined lifetime media coverage (bouquets and brickbats) has crossed that received by Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru and Indira.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

UP Poll musings…

2011: Humble cycle yatra.
2016: High-tech Mercedes bus yatra.
Development for Mulayam’s child, but not for UP’s children.

Nehru ½ of Mahatma.
Indira ⅓ of Nehru.
Rajiv ¼ of Indira.
Sonia ⅕ of Rajiv.
Pappu ⅙ of Sonia.
Priyanka 1/7 of Pappu.
Bottom Trinity to campaign for UP polls.

ASP: Akhilesh Samajwadi Party.
BSP: Bahujan Samajwadi Party.
MSP: Mulayam Samajwadi Party.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru