Yet more US Presidential musings…

While America got Obamacare, the Middle East got Hillarycare.

Obama’s slogan.
Yes we can… take forward Bush’s New World Order #WithHer.

Obama administration took the Surveillance State to commanding heights.
Equal and opposite reaction.
Hacking-leaking took it to plummeting depths.

Media: Scams. Sex. Emails. Health. Wars. Lies…
My God! Hillary is the worst candidate ever!
Owners: OK, sell Trump as the worst ever.
Media: Working on it!

Hillary mocks ½ of Trump supporters & ½ of Sanders supporters.
Could well include nearly ½ of all voters.
Remaining ½ don’t love her either.

Wag the tail.
Great spin: Wag the dog.
2016 Hillary spin: Wag the globe.
#MSM #2016USPolls

1981-85: Vice President Bush.
1985-89: Vice President Bush.
1989-93: President Bush.
1993-97: President Clinton.
1997-2001: President Clinton.
2001-05: President Bush.
2005-09: President Bush.
2009-13: Secretary of State Clinton.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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