Yet more US Presidential musings…

While America got Obamacare, the Middle East got Hillarycare.

Obama’s slogan.
Yes we can… take forward Bush’s New World Order #WithHer.

Obama administration took the Surveillance State to commanding heights.
Equal and opposite reaction.
Hacking-leaking took it to plummeting depths.

Media: Scams. Sex. Emails. Health. Wars. Lies…
My God! Hillary is the worst candidate ever!
Owners: OK, sell Trump as the worst ever.
Media: Working on it!

Hillary mocks ½ of Trump supporters & ½ of Sanders supporters.
Could well include nearly ½ of all voters.
Remaining ½ don’t love her either.

Wag the tail.
Great spin: Wag the dog.
2016 Hillary spin: Wag the globe.
#MSM #2016USPolls

1981-85: Vice President Bush.
1985-89: Vice President Bush.
1989-93: President Bush.
1993-97: President Clinton.
1997-2001: President Clinton.
2001-05: President Bush.
2005-09: President Bush.
2009-13: Secretary of State Clinton.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Hillary and US Presidential musings…

200 million voted for “Fascist” Modi.
52% voted for “racist” Brexit.
Roughly half of US supports “Hitler” Trump.
Maybe problem with “allegation hurlers”, not people.

Obama 2008 slogan…
Change we can believe in!
Hillary 2016 slogan…
That change which never came which we’re still trying to believe in!

Obama 2008 slogan…
Yes we can!
Hillary 2016 slogan…
We didn’t, but we still can, just 4 more years!

No Pak terror state.
No suing Saudis.
Surveillance State.
Targeting Snowden-Manning-Assange.
Negligence with secret mails OK.

Hillary to Pak: You can’t keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your neighbors. You know, eventually those snakes are going to turn on whoever has them in the backyard.
Q: Great! But aren’t you the handler of the snake handler?

US pensioners’ polls…
No matter who wins, towards the end of the term the President will be 70+ and the Vice President 60+.
Obama retires at 55.

Had Sanders become President, he would have turned his country into the USSR.
(United States Socialist Republic)

From 2017, we should have an Obama Day.
When all day we will talk and talk great things and vow “Yes we can!” but actually do no work.

Sanders, like all Communists, is a coward at heart.
Now forget fighting Hillary, he can’t even speak against her.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

#USPresidentialPolls2016 musings…

Dynasty/nepotism ✔
Scandals ✔
Middle East wars ✔
Security/emails threat ✔
Health problems ✔
Compulsive liar ✔
Zero transparency ✔
Dictatorial control over media ✔
Dictatorial control over establishment ✔
Trump ✘

With biased moderator, victim can’t lose.
Only two reactions…
1. He won despite the moderator.
2. He lost because of the moderator.

While coming Senate trashed Obama’s Guantanamo closure plans 90-6.
While going Senate trashes his Saudi Bill veto 97-1.
Sums up his Presidency.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Trump-Hillary musings…

Hitler ruined Europe.
Obama-Hillary ruined the Middle East.
Trump hasn’t done anything yet.
So right now, who’s more like Hitler?

Pappu will destroy the Congress.
Corbyn will destroy Labour.
Hillary will destroy the Democrats.”

High stakes.
Hillary has the unconditional support of the President, liberals, media, intellectuals and powerful Left ecosystem.
If she loses, they all lose.

Trump has momentum.
Europe is burning.
Terror is alarming.
Hillary is unstoppable.
Europe on right track.
Get used to terror.

Ever since Obama made the intolerance comment on India, intolerance has skyrocketed in America.
Be careful who you make dig at.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

US Presidential poll musings…

This year the least hated presidential candidate will be elected to lead the world’s Number 1 Superpower.

Latest US Prez requirement…
“Don’t be born in the American mainland”.
Obama: Born in Hawaii.
McCain: Born in Panama Canal Zone.
Cruz: Born in Canada.

US Democratic fight…
Old (Hillary-68) versus Older (Sanders-74).
Leftist (Hillary) versus Leftister (Sanders).

America’s Presidential C-Battle…
Capitalist Trump.
Communist Sanders .
Clinton The Second.
Canadian American Cruz.
Cuban American Rubio.

Cruz cruises.
Trump trumped.
Marco makes a mark.
Hillary jittery.
Bernie nearly.

US poll wisdom…
Hillary supporters will vote for Hillary.
Cruz supporters will vote for Cruz.
Ben supporters will vote for Ben.
Trump supporters “may” vote for Trump.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru