US Presidential poll musings…

This year the least hated presidential candidate will be elected to lead the world’s Number 1 Superpower.

Latest US Prez requirement…
“Don’t be born in the American mainland”.
Obama: Born in Hawaii.
McCain: Born in Panama Canal Zone.
Cruz: Born in Canada.

US Democratic fight…
Old (Hillary-68) versus Older (Sanders-74).
Leftist (Hillary) versus Leftister (Sanders).

America’s Presidential C-Battle…
Capitalist Trump.
Communist Sanders .
Clinton The Second.
Canadian American Cruz.
Cuban American Rubio.

Cruz cruises.
Trump trumped.
Marco makes a mark.
Hillary jittery.
Bernie nearly.

US poll wisdom…
Hillary supporters will vote for Hillary.
Cruz supporters will vote for Cruz.
Ben supporters will vote for Ben.
Trump supporters “may” vote for Trump.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru