Yet more Trump triumph musings…

If__doesn’t win then supporters won’t accept it, ask to secede, riot in the streets and threaten rival supporters with violence.
Media— __=Trump.
Reality = Hillary.

Hillary most reckless over classified info.
Obama wrecked Middle East, baited Putin.
DNC rigged the primaries.
But Trump’s the danger guy!

American media never learns.
They’ve started attacking Trump from Day 1.
His supporters will only become more strong.

The media totally conned Hillary supporters into thinking that she would get a landslide.
Being royally duped is also part of their rage.

Less educated vote for Democrats.
Media—The masses prefer Democrats.
Less educated vote for Republicans.
Media—The ignorant prefer Republicans.

In India, the media is petrified of hearing…
Sonia is unhappy.
In America, the media is petrified of hearing…
Hillary is unhappy.

Go figure…
1984—Mondale with 40.6% popular vote got 2.4% of Electoral College.
1992—Clinton with just 43% popular vote got 68.7% of electoral college.

It’s not black and white…
Hillary started her political career as a Republican and ended up as a Democrat.
Trump started his political career as a Democrat and ended up as a Republican.

Fact of the day…
5 of the 7 US Presidents from 1981-2017 either Democrats or ex-Democrats.
D: #Obama #Clinton #Carter
Ex-D: #Reagan #Trump

Chelsea Clinton Director in IAC.
IAC has Daily Beast brand.
Daily Beast merged with Newsweek.
Newsweek shipped “Madam Clinton” edition announcing her victory in advance.
Why are you surprised?

Headed straight for the dustbin…

If Angela Merkel and François Hollande want to win next year—they should start mouthing…

America is yet to elect a woman or the descendant of a slave as President.

Hide violence of Congress/CPM/RJD/SP/TMC.
Focus on BJP rhetoric 24X7.
Hide violence of Hillary supporters.
Focus on Trump rhetoric 24X7.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

America’s Electoral College explained for dummies…

Let’s just say that there are just two States in the Electoral College.

State 1 has 51 Electoral Votes and a population of 1020.

State 2 has 50 Electoral Votes and a population of 1000.

State 1.
511 vote for Candidate A and 509 for Candidate B.
Candidate A gets 51 EVs. Candidate B gets 0 EVs.

State 2.
0 vote for Candidate A and 1000 vote for Candidate B.
Candidate A gets 0 EVs. Candidate B gets 50 EVs.

So totalling it…
Candidate A wins with 51 EVs and just 511 votes.

But Candidate B loses with 50 EVs despite getting 1509 votes.

So Candidate B lost the Electoral College despite getting a whopping 75% of the popular vote!

Now America has 50 States and a couple of them even had split EVs to complicate matters and make it really complex, but the basic philosophy is as mentioned above.

Trump-Hillary musings…

Hitler ruined Europe.
Obama-Hillary ruined the Middle East.
Trump hasn’t done anything yet.
So right now, who’s more like Hitler?

Pappu will destroy the Congress.
Corbyn will destroy Labour.
Hillary will destroy the Democrats.”

High stakes.
Hillary has the unconditional support of the President, liberals, media, intellectuals and powerful Left ecosystem.
If she loses, they all lose.

Trump has momentum.
Europe is burning.
Terror is alarming.
Hillary is unstoppable.
Europe on right track.
Get used to terror.

Ever since Obama made the intolerance comment on India, intolerance has skyrocketed in America.
Be careful who you make dig at.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru