Loser Hillary continues to trend

Definition of fake news…
Anything that remotely favours Trump or criticizes Hillary.
Soon to be implemented by Silicon Valley czars.

A violent rampage by Hillary supporters is proof that hate crimes have increased in America due to Trump.

Gaddafi killed brutally.
Hillary brazenly—We came, we saw, he died!
Hillary loses in polls.
Obama—Shocking interference! (With zero proof)

Hillary was the worst product in the history of democracy.
But still aggressive marketing made her win the popular vote and 232 Electoral College votes.

In Bill’s 8 years, Hillary was his Right Hand.
In Obama’s 8 years, Hill was his foreign policy architect.
Had she won, it could have been 24 years of Hill!

Tens of thousands of enthusiasts attended A’s rallies.
Thousands of bored spectators attended B’s rallies.
The US still debating how B lost!

Trump unpresidented the Democrats bigly.
It was so yuuuuge they still don’t know what hit them.
It’s not braggadocious.

Sanders supporters go on rampage.
Freedom of speech!
Hillary supporters go on rampage.
Freedom of speech!
People support Trump.
Nazi! Bigot!

2015-16—Most of the hate crimes in America have been committed by Hillary supporters.
But that’s enough for media to claim Trump is a bigot.

Hillary said Trump only ranted and attacked—she did that in the end.
Her supporters dismissed opponents as conspiracy theorists—Now they cry conspiracy.

Heights of Delusion.
She will win by a landslide.
She may win in the recount.
She could win after Electoral College defections.
She lost because of Putin.

Democrats knew Hillary was a crook. Ignore.
Media knew Hillary was a crook. Ignore.
Wikileaks showed Hillary a crook. Ignore.
Enough voters showed Hillary a crook. Still ignoring.

Liberals before US elections…
Deserving candidate will get 300+ Electoral College Votes.
Dictator will lose.
They were right!

Democrat turned Republican.
Entertainer turned President.
Toughie hated by liberals.
Polls missed magnitude of support.
#Reagan #Trump

California is full of Liberals and Democratic Hollywood + Silicon Valley.
Trump would never have got them and he didn’t bother.
He won the popular vote in 49 States.
They still don’t get it.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Yet more Hillary musings…

She had it all…
H—Hubby ex-President
A—Aliens (Illegal)
Y—Year-long lead
She still lost!!!

In the Trump-Hillary match—organizers, officials, umpires, commentators, judges… all were with Hillary and she still lost.
Hillary supporters yet understand the magnitude of the ultimate loser.

If Trump’s slogan was #ImWithHim.
If Hillary’s slogan was #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.
Liberals would say…
Trump is an egotistic bigot!
Hillary is inclusive!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Yet more Trump triumph musings…

If__doesn’t win then supporters won’t accept it, ask to secede, riot in the streets and threaten rival supporters with violence.
Media— __=Trump.
Reality = Hillary.

Hillary most reckless over classified info.
Obama wrecked Middle East, baited Putin.
DNC rigged the primaries.
But Trump’s the danger guy!

American media never learns.
They’ve started attacking Trump from Day 1.
His supporters will only become more strong.

The media totally conned Hillary supporters into thinking that she would get a landslide.
Being royally duped is also part of their rage.

Less educated vote for Democrats.
Media—The masses prefer Democrats.
Less educated vote for Republicans.
Media—The ignorant prefer Republicans.

In India, the media is petrified of hearing…
Sonia is unhappy.
In America, the media is petrified of hearing…
Hillary is unhappy.

Go figure…
1984—Mondale with 40.6% popular vote got 2.4% of Electoral College.
1992—Clinton with just 43% popular vote got 68.7% of electoral college.

It’s not black and white…
Hillary started her political career as a Republican and ended up as a Democrat.
Trump started his political career as a Democrat and ended up as a Republican.

Fact of the day…
5 of the 7 US Presidents from 1981-2017 either Democrats or ex-Democrats.
D: #Obama #Clinton #Carter
Ex-D: #Reagan #Trump

Chelsea Clinton Director in IAC.
IAC has Daily Beast brand.
Daily Beast merged with Newsweek.
Newsweek shipped “Madam Clinton” edition announcing her victory in advance.
Why are you surprised?

Headed straight for the dustbin…

If Angela Merkel and François Hollande want to win next year—they should start mouthing…

America is yet to elect a woman or the descendant of a slave as President.

Hide violence of Congress/CPM/RJD/SP/TMC.
Focus on BJP rhetoric 24X7.
Hide violence of Hillary supporters.
Focus on Trump rhetoric 24X7.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

No matter how low Hillary sunks, they’ll attack Trump…

Obama: Bush is the establishment. I’m the anti-establishment.
Slogan: Yes we can.
Trump: Obama is the establishment. I’m the anti-establishment.
Slogan: Yes we can make America great again.

Even when the millionth scandal/revelation comes about Hillary, the mainstream media will still exclusively continue to attack Trump 24X7.

Democrats: We condemn Trump’s proposed wall to keep out Mexicans, but we’ve built a 4-mile fence at convention site to keep out Americans.

All Trump has to do is keep replaying Obama’s 2008 and Sanders’ 2016 campaigns against Hillary and sit back and enjoy the fun.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru