Loser Hillary continues to trend

Definition of fake news…
Anything that remotely favours Trump or criticizes Hillary.
Soon to be implemented by Silicon Valley czars.

A violent rampage by Hillary supporters is proof that hate crimes have increased in America due to Trump.

Gaddafi killed brutally.
Hillary brazenly—We came, we saw, he died!
Hillary loses in polls.
Obama—Shocking interference! (With zero proof)

Hillary was the worst product in the history of democracy.
But still aggressive marketing made her win the popular vote and 232 Electoral College votes.

In Bill’s 8 years, Hillary was his Right Hand.
In Obama’s 8 years, Hill was his foreign policy architect.
Had she won, it could have been 24 years of Hill!

Tens of thousands of enthusiasts attended A’s rallies.
Thousands of bored spectators attended B’s rallies.
The US still debating how B lost!

Trump unpresidented the Democrats bigly.
It was so yuuuuge they still don’t know what hit them.
It’s not braggadocious.

Sanders supporters go on rampage.
Freedom of speech!
Hillary supporters go on rampage.
Freedom of speech!
People support Trump.
Nazi! Bigot!

2015-16—Most of the hate crimes in America have been committed by Hillary supporters.
But that’s enough for media to claim Trump is a bigot.

Hillary said Trump only ranted and attacked—she did that in the end.
Her supporters dismissed opponents as conspiracy theorists—Now they cry conspiracy.

Heights of Delusion.
She will win by a landslide.
She may win in the recount.
She could win after Electoral College defections.
She lost because of Putin.

Democrats knew Hillary was a crook. Ignore.
Media knew Hillary was a crook. Ignore.
Wikileaks showed Hillary a crook. Ignore.
Enough voters showed Hillary a crook. Still ignoring.

Liberals before US elections…
Deserving candidate will get 300+ Electoral College Votes.
Dictator will lose.
They were right!

Democrat turned Republican.
Entertainer turned President.
Toughie hated by liberals.
Polls missed magnitude of support.
#Reagan #Trump

California is full of Liberals and Democratic Hollywood + Silicon Valley.
Trump would never have got them and he didn’t bother.
He won the popular vote in 49 States.
They still don’t get it.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

All hail Hillary on the biggest loss in the history of democracy…

cartoon-2026564_640The mainstream media backed Hillary.
The global media backed Hillary.
The Obama Presidency apparatus backed Hillary.
Most world leaders backed Hillary.
The pollsters backed Hillary.
The Democratic National Committee backed Hillary.
Most of the Republican old guard backed Hillary.
The Democratic old guard backed Hillary.
All the living Presidents backed Hillary.
Intellectuals backed Hillary.
Liberals backed Hillary.
Feminists backed Hillary.
NGOs backed Hillary.
The debate questions backed Hillary.
The debate moderators backed Hillary.
Even the debate layout (putting chairs, low mike for Trump etc) backed Hillary.
The Corporate world backed Hillary.
The war industry backed Hillary.
Hollywood superstars backed Hillary.
Silicon Valley czars backed Hillary.
Prominent billionaires backed Hillary.
The FBI and Justice Department virtually backed Hillary.
Black Lives Matter backed Hillary.
Illegal aliens voted and backed Hillary.
Most of the rich donors backed Hillary.
Even a sitting Supreme Court judge trashed Trump and openly backed Hillary.
Sanders backed Hillary (even with a knife of betrayal in his back).
Violent protestors thrashed Trump supporters and backed Hillary.

Despite all this, Hillary was so useless that she got thrashed 232-306 in the electoral college by a 70-year-old man with virtually zero political experience and who never held a political post in his entre life and who was attacked and demonized 24X7 by most of the above mentioned groups.

Despite all this she was declared victor even before the final vote had been caste, she had her transition team ready and Newsweek even shipped copies declaring her Madam President.

Despite all this most of the above groups still can’t believe it and behave as if a landslide was stolen from her and protest violently.

Let’s just declare her the most unelectable candidate in the history of humanity and move on.

If her backers support her fake martyrdom all the way to 2020, then get ready for a Trump landslide.

(C) Sunil Rajguru

Yet more Hillary musings…

She had it all…
H—Hubby ex-President
A—Aliens (Illegal)
Y—Year-long lead
She still lost!!!

In the Trump-Hillary match—organizers, officials, umpires, commentators, judges… all were with Hillary and she still lost.
Hillary supporters yet understand the magnitude of the ultimate loser.

If Trump’s slogan was #ImWithHim.
If Hillary’s slogan was #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.
Liberals would say…
Trump is an egotistic bigot!
Hillary is inclusive!

These versions by Sunil Rajguru