If you still believe the media, then the joke is on you…

They said Trump wasn’t a serious candidate.
He was!

They said Trump would withdraw from the Republican race.
He didn’t!

They said he couldn’t win a Republican nomination.
He got it!

They said the Republican leaders would stop his nomination.
They couldn’t.

They said there was no chance he could even compete against Hillary.
He won!

Elsewhere in the world…

They said Cameron was on his way out.
Miliband left instead!

They said there’s no way Brexit could happen.
Brexit happened with Cameronexit!

They said Netanyahu was a dead duck.
He got a second life!

In India…

They said Modi would lose 2002.
He won!

They said he would lose 2007.
He won!

They said BJP would never make him PM candidate.
They did!

They said he wouldn’t get allies.
They flocked!

They said he would never get 272.
He did!

They said he wouldn’t be able to operate in Lutyens Delhi.
He’s flourishing!

Now they say that Trump will be a disastrous President.
For this reason alone I think Trump will do a decent job.

© Sunil Rajguru

“Trump is President!” musings…

Trump + Social Media + Republican/Independent voters
Republican leaders + Democrats + Media + Leftists + Intellectuals + Globalists + Liberals + Social Media owners

The Dynasty slayer…
Ended the Bush Dynasty in the Primaries.
Ended the Clinton Dynasty in the finals.

Love Trumps Hate.
Trump Trumps Trump Haters and I’m Loving it!

Repeat of 2014.
Trump Haters.
Trump Industry.
Media + Intellectuals + Leftists + Liberals versus Trump.
Will result be the same?

You shall get your comeuppance!
You shall get your Trumppence!

Somewhere in between Modi’s demonetization and Trump’s march, England won the toss and elected to bat against India in some Test match.

Most powerful political slogan in the world because it always works…

Think it over…
Every single US President from 1789-2016 has been a male with at least one white parent.
Every one of them!

Bill Clinton: Baby Boomer Generation.
Barack Obama: African American Generation.
Donald Trump: Reality TV Generation.

Trump’s #DrainTheSwamp speech was far far superior to Obama’s #YesWeCan speech.
It may just have clinched the election for Trump.

In today’s democracy, he who has the most offline listeners and online followers will win.
How difficult is that to understand?

US Presidential polls.
It was actually Sonia + Lalu + Kejri on one side and Trump on the other.

Clinton News Network
British Broadcasting Clinton
Clinton Times/Post
Guardian of the Clintons

Hillary was never popular.
Never the front-runner.
Never the favourite.
She was a stooge propped up by the establishment.

2001—Became Senator thanks to Bill.
2008—Failed to be Prez candidate.
2009—Made Secy of State by Obama.
2016—Made candidate by DNC.
Nothing on her own.

#2016Trump is more popular than #2008Obama.
Mainstream media magnified the latter.
It minimized the former.

Moral of the story.
Never trust the mainstream media.
#Modi to #Trump via #Brexit

#AdarshLiberals were planning #AwardWapsi over NDTV ban or Trump victory, but #NoteWapsi superseded everything

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Modi is a dictator dictator dictator

#AccheDin for FoS
Before the Prime Minister was petrified of speaking.
Today thousands are screaming and shouting nonsense at the Prime Minister 24X7.

Spot the difference.
During Emergency thousands were arrested and tortured without trial.
Today thousands are attacking Modi 24X7 with outright lies.

Left-wing Sonia still pushing her Left-wing agenda backed by Left-wing media, Left-wing politicians and Left…
Why label only “Right-wing”?

They attacked him non-stop from 2002-14.
Helped him get a landslide.
Good they are attacking 2014-16.
Great chances for 2019.

India under Modi is heading towards dictatorship says the woman who runs her party like an absolute dictator.
#Mayawati #BSP #UPPolls

Media petrified to attack Sonia, she rules party ruthlessly.
Media petrified to attack Hillary, she rules party ruthlessly.
Media: Modi and Trump are Hitlers!

Emergency 1 lasted for 635 days for thousands of newspapers and magazines.
Emergency 2 will last for 1 day for 1/tens of thousands of news outlets.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Raj karega Pappu

Sonia to stay President.
Pappu to be Working President.
Priyanka may well become Non-working President.
Robert President-in-law.

In their twenties…
Motilal—Sole breadwinner of family.
Jawaharlal—Freedom fighter.
Sanjay—Virtual dictator of India.
Pappu—Still struggling in his forties.

If Congress goes from 45 to 90 seats in 2019, there will be hundreds of banner headlines all over of how miraculous Pappu doubles tally.

Congress is always ruthless.
Destroys its enemies.
BJP is always confused.
Tries to “Love Thy Enemy”.

100 years of dynasty…
1919: Motilal first Congress President.
2019: Pappu last Congress President after general elections.

Hearing from late 1990s…
Priyanka entering politics.
From early 2010s…
Pappu becoming Congress President.
At all times…
Sonia is unhappy.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Kejri and Delhi’s problems

Huge money wasted on ads✔
Garbage pile-ups✔
Record air pollution✔
Absentee indifferent CM✔
Focus on trivial issues✔
Zero planning✔

Kya news chahiye? Politics? Sports? National? Foreign?
Kya opinion chahiye? Anti-Modi? Anti-Modi Strong/Lite? Pro-Kejri? Pro-Pappu?

Are you more worried about PM 2.5 or PM 10?
Kejri: I am more worried about PM 2.0.
Eh! What’s that?
Kejri: I will not let the current PM get a 2nd term.Odd/Even may not be enough.
May have to opt for daily Odd+even scheme.
Every day both odd and even vehicles be kept off the roads.

Congress scrapped #OROP. BJP implemented it.
Pappu spin…
Congress backed OROP. BJP haven’t implemented it.
Validated by Kejri, Pappu’s political twin.
These versions by Sunil Rajguru

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Why the Americans voted for Trump…

The Republicans had to choose between a charismatic maverick billionaire and a handful of dead ducks.

It chose the charismatic maverick billionaire.

The Democrats had to choose between an establishment crook and a senile Communist.  Before they could decide, the establishment crook hit the senile Communist below the belt and knocked him out. The problem with this is that they both shared the same voter base which got severely fractured.

So in the end it was a no-contest between a charismatic maverick billionaire who had the full support of his constituency and a severely fractured establishment crook.

© Sunil Rajguru