“Trump is President!” musings…

Trump + Social Media + Republican/Independent voters
Republican leaders + Democrats + Media + Leftists + Intellectuals + Globalists + Liberals + Social Media owners

The Dynasty slayer…
Ended the Bush Dynasty in the Primaries.
Ended the Clinton Dynasty in the finals.

Love Trumps Hate.
Trump Trumps Trump Haters and I’m Loving it!

Repeat of 2014.
Trump Haters.
Trump Industry.
Media + Intellectuals + Leftists + Liberals versus Trump.
Will result be the same?

You shall get your comeuppance!
You shall get your Trumppence!

Somewhere in between Modi’s demonetization and Trump’s march, England won the toss and elected to bat against India in some Test match.

Most powerful political slogan in the world because it always works…

Think it over…
Every single US President from 1789-2016 has been a male with at least one white parent.
Every one of them!

Bill Clinton: Baby Boomer Generation.
Barack Obama: African American Generation.
Donald Trump: Reality TV Generation.

Trump’s #DrainTheSwamp speech was far far superior to Obama’s #YesWeCan speech.
It may just have clinched the election for Trump.

In today’s democracy, he who has the most offline listeners and online followers will win.
How difficult is that to understand?

US Presidential polls.
It was actually Sonia + Lalu + Kejri on one side and Trump on the other.

Clinton News Network
British Broadcasting Clinton
Clinton Times/Post
Guardian of the Clintons

Hillary was never popular.
Never the front-runner.
Never the favourite.
She was a stooge propped up by the establishment.

2001—Became Senator thanks to Bill.
2008—Failed to be Prez candidate.
2009—Made Secy of State by Obama.
2016—Made candidate by DNC.
Nothing on her own.

#2016Trump is more popular than #2008Obama.
Mainstream media magnified the latter.
It minimized the former.

Moral of the story.
Never trust the mainstream media.
#Modi to #Trump via #Brexit

#AdarshLiberals were planning #AwardWapsi over NDTV ban or Trump victory, but #NoteWapsi superseded everything

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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