More Congressi musings…

· It’s ironical how many mainstream media journalists look down on the PR industry without realizing that they themselves are the PR industry of the Congress party.

• Behind our very unsuccessful Prime Minister is an extremely successful woman.

• June 19, 1862: US Congress prohibits slavery.
June 19, 1970: Indian Congress gets their next leader to be slaves of.

• The Congress time bomb…
2013: Introduce Food Bill.
2014: Third Front comes to power.
2016: Food Bill destroys economy, Third Front falls, midterm polls,
Congress returns.

• Sonia Gandhi is the Mother of the Nation.
(Badi maa ke saamne sab (leaders, editors, opposition, civil society) dare hue sahame hue bachche)

· Thought control forced on India by the grand alliance of Congress, mainstream media, Left parties-historians-academics and Civil Society is akin to fascism.

© Sunil Rajguru