Modi Advani Goa musings…

· Dear Congress,
Now that you have declared it a Namonitis virus, know that it strikes the old in the BJP and everyone in the Congress, Media and Civil Society.
That’s a win-win situation for the BJP.

· Advani boycotting Goa…
This is like the Principal reporting in sick in fear of the School Captain.

· Whether he’s too old for politics is moot, but Advani is definitely too old to enjoy Goa.

· Ek Modi anaar sau bimaar.

· Indian Politics…
Age of consent: 30.
Adulthood: 40. (Rahul)
Get really noticed: 60. (Modi)
Second round of jawani: 80. (Advani, Manmohan)
Retirement: 100.

· The amount of promotions Rahul and Modi have received is not funny…
…and they are still so far from the PM’s chair.

· Advani to abhi bachcha hai jee.
Karunanidhi is older than Advani.
Older still is Lee Kuan Yew who held an official ministerial post for 50+ straight years from the age of 35 to 87.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru