Advani’s Sound of Music for Modi…

Please sing to the tune of Sixteen Going on Seventeen from The Sound of Music

(Advani sings to Modi…)

You wait little boy,
On an empty stage,
For fate to turn the light on,
Your life little boy,
Is an empty PM’s chair,
That politicians will want to trample on,
You are 62 going on 63,
Baby it’s time to think,
Better beware,
Be canny and careful,
Baby you’re on the brink,
You are 62 going on 63,
Fellows will fall in line,
Eager young Tweeple,
And TV hosts and analysts,
Will offer you PM dreams,
Totally unprepared are you,
To face the world of Delhi,
Timid and shy and scared are you,
Of things beyond your ken,
You need someone,
Older and wiser,
Telling you what to do,
I am 85 going on 86,
I’ll take care of the PM’s chair…

This Spoof by Sunil Rajguru

(Original Song: Sixteen Going on Seventeen.
Film: The Sound of Music.
Year: 1959.)

More Modi Advani Goa musings…

· Modi ke liye Dilli door hai.
Advani ke liye Goa door hai.
Rahul ke liye India hi door hai.

· Congress thinks Rahul is the cure for Namonia.
They don’t realize that their cure is worse than their disease.

· 2004: Vajpayee lost.
2009: Advani lost.
2014: BJP itself is trying to make Modi lose.

· Vajpayee was the original hardliner.
He was moderate in front of Advani.
Advani is moderate in front of Modi.
Hard. Harder. Hardest.

· Political ages…
Sweet Sixties: Chidu (67), Sonia (66), Modi (62).
Super Seventies: Pranabda (77), Swamy (73), Pawar (72).
Energetic Eighties: Karunanidhi (89), Advani (85), Manmohan (80).

These versions by Sunil Rajguru