NDA communalism musings…

·...yaha se pachaas pachaas kos door gaon main jab secularist/civil society/Congressi bachcha raat ko rota hai to maa kahati hai beta soja ..soja nahi to Modi pradhan mantri ban jaayega…

· Finally media, Congress, JD(U) have formed a pro-BJP outfit: RSPCA.
(Royal Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Advani)

· The Bihar BJP-JD(U) marriage is like a husband and wife getting perfectly along but divorcing due to father-in-law problems.

· Bihar BJP’s new war cry…
Modi for CM! Modi for PM!

· Dear Nitish Kumar,
You have successfully uninstalled Communalism and installed Secularism on your Political Computer.
Don’t be under the illusion that your computer won’t totally crash or at least keep hanging from now on.

· Na rahega BJP ka baas to nahin bajegi NDA ki basoori.
Arthath: For BJP, currently self-preservation is more important than coalition.

· How?
Modi = Communal, Genocidal, Dictatorial.
Hence Anti-Modi = Secular, Humane, Democratic.
Congress = Communal, Genocidal, Dictatorial.
Hence pro-Congress = Secular, Humane, Democratic.

· Journo 1: My favourite dish is Banana Split. What about yours?
Journo 2: NDA Split!

· BJP was touchable till 2004.
Now its untouchable.
2014: If it gets 40 more seats than Cong, then politically it’ll become highly touchable.

· NDA to sasura 2004 main hi mar gaya tha.
Log abhi kyun maatam mana rahe hai?
2014 ki picture baaki kya, shuru bhi nahin hui hai!

· Somewhere in the world, they are trying to revive the extinct mammoth.
In Bihar, BJP-JD(U) are desperately trying to revive an extinct Laloo.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru