2015 Columns

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8 reasons why Hillary is a total goner for Prez

cartoon-2026564_640When maverick billionaire and Republican Donald Trump began his US Presidential campaign, very few people gave him any chance of making it to a reasonable distance. When he took the lead, people stared in disbelief and thought that he would slip soon.

Now there’s a real chance that he could actually get the Republican ticket. His chances would increase if the Democratic ticket would go to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, wife of former US President Bill Clinton.

A good chunk of American voters dislike the woman who has too many skeletons in her cupboard to make it to the White House on her own. Hillary is first fighting a tough campaign against Bernie Sanders and if she gets the ticket; may not make it to the top against the likes of Trump.

Here are some of the reasons why…

1. Anti-incumbency: After Obama stormed to two terms, the Democrats have been on the decline and the Republicans have been on the ascendancy capturing a majority in both the Senate and US Congress.

Obama looks is a lame duck President and is a shadow of his former self. If the pro-Republican trend continues and an anti-incumbency trend sets in for the post of President then Hillary will really struggle if she makes it to the final race.

In fact one analyst said that no matter who gets the Republican ticket, currently the Republican voters are so disillusioned and angry that they’ll come out in huge numbers and vote for their party.

2. The likeability factor: At the end of the day the electorate have to like their politicians. That’s where people with tonnes of charisma like Bill and Barack triumphed. Hillary is seen with suspicion by many Americans and most of her spoof and caricatures show her as an evil and cunning personality.

She first got elected to public office as Senator in 2001 when her husband Bill was still President. Can she woo the entire nation on her own? That could be much tougher.

Last time the Republicans opted for Mitt Romney who has as much charisma as a wooden board. That is why despite winning the first Presidential TV debate with Obama, he fell flat on his face. In fact many Republican voters said they would rather stay at home rather than vote for Romney.

A poll just released by Washington Post/ABC News at the beginning of her campaign back showed nearly half of all Americans have an unfavourable view of Hillary.

3. The loser: Very few people can make a comeback after losing in a Presidential election like Richard Nixon. In 2008 forget winning a Presidential contest, she could not even clinch her candidature for Democratic nominee.

2008 will hang around her neck like a millstone.

4. The septuagenarian: If Hillary does make President, she will turn 70 the year she is sworn in in 2017. That will weigh heavily on the mind of the voter. The very fact that she didn’t choose to join President Barack Obama’s second term will go against her.

Only one person made it to the White House at a greater age than Hillary: Ronald Reagan. But then the former Hollywood actor had dollops of charisma to cover up his age, something sorely lacking in Hillary.

5. The Benghazi attack: The 2012 Benghazi attack saw the death of US ambassador Christopher Stevens. The Obama administration received a lot of bad press for that and finally Hillary had to publicly take “responsibility” for the attack.

When Hillary finally briefed Senators over the attack, Republicans blasted it as being worthless and useless. To make matters worse, greater details appeared in US newspapers soon after that. Foreign policy is the cornerstone of any US President and Hillary will feel the heat of Benghazi during campaigning.

6. Dubious donations: Hillary talks of income inequality and high CEO pay and yet charges a whopping $300,000 per speech when she’s on the lecture circuit. One book called Clinton Cash follows her cash trail.

It says that foreign donors have been lining up to donate to her campaign fund in the hope of peddling some influence if and when she becomes President. That includes the Russians too and it remains to be seen how the average American voter will react to that.

SP leader Amar Singh’s name was also thrown in when a report said that his donation to the Clintons paved the way for the Indo-US nuclear deal.

7. The missing emails: As Secretary of State, Hillary did not use the official email ID, but a private server in violation of government guidelines. To make matters worse she deleted more than 30,000 emails.

While she claims that they are private, that wasn’t really her call to make but that of the administration. Hillary supporters are saying it will be neutralized if her main opponent happens to be Republican Jeb Bush as he also used a personal server as Florida Governor.

However Jeb was Governor till 2007 while the National Archives issued a new set of regulations in 2009. Hillary was Secretary of State till 2013.

8. Yoko Ono revelations: This partner of the late John Lennon of the Beatles said that she had a “brief romantic fling” with Hillary in the 1970s. How this will go down with the heavily conservative voters of America also remains to be seen.

Post script…

Sri Lanka’s Sirimavo Bandaranaike broke the glass ceiling when she became Prime Minister in 1960 and Indira Gandhi of India and Golda Meir of Israel soon followed suit.

Margaret Thatcher broke the glass ceiling in Europe when she became UK Prime Minister in 1979. Australia had Julia Gilliard in 2010.

If Hillary misses the bus this time then God only knows how long America will have to wait to have a woman President!

10 hits of Pope Francis and 7 misses…

pope-francis-1784304_640Pope Francis came with an air of differentness right from the very beginning of his papacy in 2013. Not only was he the first Pope to take the name of “Francis”, but he became the first Pope from the southern hemisphere and the first from the Americas.

This man (who was once a bouncer in a night club) broke the stranglehold of Europe which had sent a Pope for more than 1000 years. He is also the first Jesuit to become Pope. He is always in the news: Sometimes for the right reasons and sometimes for the wrong.

Here are 10 hits of Pope Francis…

1. Reaction to refugees: As Europe faces the biggest refugee crisis since World War 2, Pope Francis declared, “May every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every sanctuary of Europe, take in one family.”  He added that the Vatican do the same to two families in an effort to lead by example.

2. Humility: Francis became the first Pope the refuse the Papal apartments of more than 10 large rooms choosing to stay in a modest two-room guesthouse. He has shunned gold for the much cheaper silver and also decided not to wear the luxurious Papal mozzetta cape which are made of satin, fur or velvet.
He famously said: Oh how I would like a poor Church, and for the poor! His chief alms giver was also sent to Roman slums to help them.

3. Taking on the mafia: Italy is famous for its mafia and dons regularly take the blessings of the Vatican and make donations. Francis took them head on and said that they were “full of adoration of evil and contempt for the common good” and even went ahead and exo-communicated them.

4. Going global: 20 new cardinals were appointed by Pope Francis at the beginning of the New Year in 2015. Minority of them were from Europe (which has a stranglehold over the Catholic Church). Most of them were from other regions like Latin America (5), Asia Pacific (5) and Africa (3).

5. Other faiths: Francis has reached out to many other faiths and has also declared, “We also sense our closeness to all those men and women who, although not identifying themselves as followers of any religious tradition, are nonetheless searching for truth, goodness and beauty, the truth, goodness and beauty of God. They are our valued allies in the commitment to defending human dignity, in building a peaceful coexistence between peoples and in safeguarding and caring for creation.”

6. More accessible: Francis has proved to be the most accessible of Popes and there was the famous photograph of a small boy hugging his leg during a talk in 2013. Francis made no effort to send him away and continued speaking.

He has shunned limousines and uses the Popemobile (which is surrounded by bulletproof glass) sparingly going in for a simple Renault car. He even drove it himself at times around the Vatican. He allowed people to take selfies with him. In one case he agreed to wear a red nose for a newly married couple!

7. Financial irregularities: The Vatican has been hit by financial scandals. Pope Francis hired a former European fund manager to set right the system and head the Vatican bank. He announced that he would prune the establishment and hire professional managers.

8. Joint Congress address in US: He became the first Pope ever to address a joint Congress session in the US. He talked of climate change, capital punishment, immigration, pollution, inequality and poverty.

9. Sexual abuse rebuke: There have been too many sexual abuse cases within the Catholic Church. This had plagued the tenure of Pope Benedict XVI. Francis has announced a zero tolerance policy to this and termed it an ugly crime akin to performing a satanic mass.
When he took office, he gave a frank interview to an Italian newspaper and took his office by surprise. In that interview he is alleged to have admitted that one in 50 priests were paedophiles.

10. Gay rights: He may have opposed same sex marriages in the past, but on becoming Pope, Francis said the following which is the biggest support to have come out of the Papacy…

“If someone is gay, who searches for the Lord and has goodwill, who am I to judge? The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains this very well. It says they should not be marginalized because of this but that they must be integrated into society.”

And 7 misses…

1. Actual action against abuse: While he has talked tough on the issue of sexual abuse as mentioned above, no enough action has been taken against ridding the Vatican of this menace.

2. Actual action on gays: His open stance on homosexuality got dented when senior Vatican priest Krzysztof Charamsa was sacked after he revealed that he was gay. Charamsa accused the Church of being “insensitive, unfair and brutal” towards the gay and accused it of being “frequently violently homophobic”.

3. Women priests: A lot of people are hopeful of women becoming priests and then maybe one day we may have a woman Pope. But Pope Francis has proved to be conservative and not done much in this regard. He had ruled out women priests and has not said much about giving women a greater role in the Catholic Church. This even as other Churches in the world have women priests.

(He did welcome Church of Sweden’s woman priest Antje Jackelén though, a first by the Vatican)

4. Dalai Lama: Pope Francis once refused to meet the Tibetan Buddhist leader Dalai Lama thereby gladdening the Communist regime of China. This despite him talking warmly of other faiths as mentioned above.

5. Charlie Hebdo case: Here he found himself on the wrong side of the freedom of expression debate. He said that there was a limit to free speech when it came to faith and surprised everyone by remarking…

“If Dr Gasbarri, a great friend, says a swear word against my mother, then a punch awaits him!” (Note: Alberto Gasbarri organizes the Pope’s trips and was standing next to him at the time) That seems totally “un-pope-ular” advocating both violence and clamping down on free speech.

6. Big Bang is God’s Plan: Some time back he was lauded for believing in the Big Bang and Evolution, but he was lambasted for saying that it was part of God’s plan. Then there was the remark where he implied that good Catholics need not breed like rabbits.

7. Kidnapping case: His murkiest episode in his past is his being accused of being involved in the kidnapping of two priests by the Argentine Navy.

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The limits of the Indian electorate…

Lalu has proved that the uneducated masses can be fooled non-stop.

Kejri has proved that the educated masses can be fooled non-stop.

Mamata has proved that West Bengal is so addicted to Communism that it will accept it in any another form.

UP has proved that no matter who it chooses, the State will continue to sink further.

The Congress has proved that no matter how much it sinks, it will never let go of the Dynasty.

© Sunil Rajguru

Afghanistan: The ultimate kick-ass country…

map-1030358_6401919: The British Empire loses a humiliating war with Afghanistan.
1945: The British Empire ends.

1979: Russians invade Afghanistan.
1991: Communism and superpower status collapses in Russia.

1996: Pakistan’s Taliban takes Kabul.
2010s: Pakistan’s terror groups virtually take over Pakistan. Disintegration countdown begins.

2001: America invades Afghanistan.
2015: Proves to be longest war in the history of America with 2300 Americans dead and 22,000 injured. 10,000 US troops still in Afghanistan as the long-term effects of this are uncertain.

© Sunil Rajguru