Nehru—The great collapser…

This autocratic leader’s fake consensus collapsed in the 1950s.

His war machinery collapsed in 1962.

His socialist economy collapsed in 1991.

His best friend USSR collapsed in 1991.

His Dynasty started collapsing from 2014.

His Congress started collapsing from 2014.

His #AdarshLiberals started collapsing from 2014.

In fact his entire legacy started collapsing from 2014.

© Sunil Rajguru

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Seven days of the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty…

The beginning and end of the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty…

On the first day he created Motilal.

On the second day he created Jawaharlal.

On the third day he created Indira.

On the fourth day he created Sanjay.

On the fifth day he created Rajiv.

On the sixth day he created Sonia.

On the seventh day he created Pappu and rested permanently after that.

This version by Sunil Rajguru