Everyone is crying out for peace, yes,
None is crying out for justice!
—Peter Tosh.

Pak terrorists report to ISI.
ISI reports to Pak Army.
Pak Army reports to Nawaz.
Terror attack on India = Nawaz attacks India.
When will they get it?

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

The #OddEvenKejriwal

On odd days Kejri is odd.
On even days he’s even more odd!

On Odd days Kejri appears in one channel and on Even days the other.
On Odd days Kejri avoids tackling Delhi’s real problems and on Even days he totally evades them.

Don’t worry, just about 1500 more days for ‪#‎KejriwalSarkar‬.
By 2020 they’ll call her Saint Sheila for her golden days.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Keep working, keep getting attacked, the Modi mantra…

It’s OK that the Prime Minister is blamed for everything.
That’s progress.
Till 2014 the Gujarat Chief Minister was blamed for everything.

Centre against us.
Police against us.
Media against us.
Bureaucrats against us.
Trolls against us.
Luck against us.
India with me.

Aamir Khan sacked* as brand ambassador of Incredible India due to conflict of interest.
‪#‎AdarshLiberals‬ had hired him as brand ambassador of Intolerant India.
*Contract not renewed.

Siddaramaiah sleeps as Modi speaks.
Sonia will probably call him and congratulate him on his bold political strategy.

Modi is the only Indian leader who gets royally abused by even his own die-hard supporters.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru