Nautanki pe nautanki, nautanki pe nautanki, nautanki pe nautanki…

Tareekh pe tareekh, tareekh pe tareekh, tareekh pe tareekh milti gayi My Lord, par insaaf nahi mila.
—Sunny Deol.

Nautanki pe nautanki, nautanki pe nautanki, nautanki pe nautanki milti gayi My God, par governance nahi mila.
—Disillusioned Kejri supporter.

Joke pe joke, joke pe joke, joke pe joke milta gayi My God, par ek bhi serious statement nahi mila.
— Disillusioned Pappu supporter.

Jungle Raj pe Jungle Raj, Jungle Raj pe Jungle Raj, Jungle Raj pe Jungle Raj milta gaya Mera Nitishwa, par tune Lalu ka saath nahin chhoda.
—JDU voter.

Hinsa pe hinsa, hinsa pe hinsa, hinsa pe hinsa milta gaya Mamata, par shanti bilkul nahi mila.
—The Bengali.

Power cuts pe power cuts, traffic jams pe traffic jams, garbage woes pe garbage woes, CM pe CM… bahut kuch mila par kuch aur nahin.

Naveen pe Naveen, Naveen pe Naveen, Naveen pe Naveen milta gaya, aur koi alternative nahi mila.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

A record peace between India and Pakistan!

1. Kashmir War: October 1947—January 1949.

2. Rann of Kutch Conflict: April—June 1965.

3. Indo-Pak War: August—September 1965.

4. Bangladesh War: 3–16 December 1971.

5. Siachen Conflict: April 1984 onwards.

6. Kargil War: May—July 26 1999.

No such war/conflict began between India and Pakistan for 16 years 4 months @ New Year 2016 after Kargil.

That’s a new peace record.

Previous record was 16 years 3 months between Kashmir War and Rann of Kutch Conflict.

© Sunil Rajguru

Imagine the media outrage if…

Modi started building statues of himself.

Modi launched a TV channel in his name.

Modi slapped a government official.

Modi Tweeted that another leader was a psychopath.

Modi started giving plum posts to his siblings and relatives.

Modi was chargesheeted and had to appear in court in a corruption case.

Modi cut-outs in large dotted the city.

Modi chose Lalu as his alliance partner.

But then other politicians are doing exactly that and there’s hardly an outrage as compared to mostly fake allegations against him.

© Sunil Rajguru

Love the terrorist, but hate Modi…

Terrorist caught in the act.
Terrorist gets fair trial, convicted by sessions court.
Terrorist gets convicted by High Court.
Terrorist gets convicted by Supreme Court.
Terrorist gets petition turned down by President of India.
#AdarshLiberal: Spare the poor chap! Murder of democracy!

Sonia taken to court after due process.
Sessions judge finds merit in case.
High Court judge finds merit in case.
Sonia merely summoned to court.
#AdarshLiberal: Spare the poor woman! Murder of democracy!

I allege that Modi…
#AdarshLiberal: Murderer!  Murderer! Hang him!

© Sunil Rajguru

Rohit and Team India musings…

Australia 348/8…
Bowlers: Thank God it’s over.
Dhoni: Gayi meri captaincy!
Rohit: Chance to score 200!
#IndVsAus #Canberra

On Twitter he’s the clown.
But on the cricket field he’s the ringmaster and all bowlers are reduced to clowns.
#Melbourne #Brisbane

Sharmaji = roHIT.
Team India = NOhit.
#Melbourne #Brisbane

Dhoni’s club biography will be called IPLT20CSK2RPSG.

Sabka time aata hai.
Fir jaata hai.

India in ODIs in Australia…
1980s: Mini World Cup win.
1990s: Zero series wins.
2000s: Triangular series win.
2010s: Zero series wins?

Indian batsmen can take a 300 score at will.
Indian bowlers can give a 300 score at will.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru