It’s still Congress all the way…

Plans for UPA3?
Ho Raha Pappu Nirman.
Pappu Shining.
Mera Pappu Mahan.
Then Aam Admi’s slogan will be…
Pappu Hatao!

Rahul is about
½ of Manmohan’s age
¼ of his grace
1/6 of his experience
1/8 of his intellect
But Manmohan is zero.
So they are both same in the end.

In 2009, the Triumvirate ruled.
In 2014…
Sonia: The Mistaker.
Manmohan: The Caretaker.
Pappu: The Undertaker.

Then: Queen Victoria.
Now: Queen Sonia.
Then: Foreign hand.
Now: Saffron hand.
Then: Gareebi Hatao Slogan.
Now: Gareebi Hatao Bill.

India invented the Zero.
Then the Congress kept adding a Zero to their scam amount every time they got re-elected.

Jethmalani at 90 still thunders.
Mugabe at 89 is Prez.
Lee Kuan Yew retired at 87.
Advani at 85 still hopes to be PM.
Manmohan at 80 to jawan hai!

Macbeth Manmohan…
This government’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets its hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more: it is a regime,
Led by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.
(With due apologies to William Shakespeare)

Manmohan: I am ready to work under Rahul.
Unsaid: I am just a remote control. Doesn’t matter who handles it.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

“Communal” BJP musings…

The MSM 95-95 rule…
95% scams and riots take place under Congress regimes.
95% coverage by media will be given to BJP scams and riots.

Rulers: SP.
Opposition: BSP.
Central rulers: Congress.
Yet for riots, BJP has to be invoked.

Even if it was a Robert Vadra versus Narendra Modi fight for Prime Minister, these people would blindly back Vadra.

If it was a BJP Chief Minister in UP today, then President’s Rule would already have been invoked.
“Secular” parties have a right to be communal.
“Communal” parties can’t even talk of development.

While you were sleeping, sorry, attacking Modi…
UPA was destroying economy.
SP was communalizing UP.
China-Pak were mocking our borders…

These versions by Sunil Rajguru