Modi coronation musings…

Shivraj: Don’t announce before 2013 Assembly polls.
Sushma: Don’t announce before 2014 LS polls.
Advani: Don’t announce before 2019 LS polls!

A: Is Modi peaking too early?
B: Looks like the mud-slinging against him is peaking too early. At this rate they’ll have nothing left by 2014.

Guru: The real enemy is always within and around you.
Modi: I know. Congress ko to main dekh loonga, par ye…

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

China in India musings…

It seems the Indian Government has given Double Citizenship to Bangladeshi Immigrants, Pakistani Militants and Chinese Soldiers.

Antony: The 640 sq km land is 100% Indian land.
It is just dressed up as Chinese land.

Manmohan outdoes Nehru…
In 1962, China captured Indian land with war.
In 2013, China captured Indian land without war.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru