“Communal” BJP musings…

The MSM 95-95 rule…
95% scams and riots take place under Congress regimes.
95% coverage by media will be given to BJP scams and riots.

Rulers: SP.
Opposition: BSP.
Central rulers: Congress.
Yet for riots, BJP has to be invoked.

Even if it was a Robert Vadra versus Narendra Modi fight for Prime Minister, these people would blindly back Vadra.

If it was a BJP Chief Minister in UP today, then President’s Rule would already have been invoked.
“Secular” parties have a right to be communal.
“Communal” parties can’t even talk of development.

While you were sleeping, sorry, attacking Modi…
UPA was destroying economy.
SP was communalizing UP.
China-Pak were mocking our borders…

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

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