Words and terms India needs…

TVial: Absolutely trivial stuff shown by 24X7 news channels which they usually label breaking news or exclusive. (TVial=TV+trivial)

Backfrog: The ability to make an unexpected and uncanny huge leap backwards, the opposite of “leapfrog”.

The 2-1 Step: When the country takes one step back for every two steps forward. Some totally backward areas experience the “1-2 Step” and hence get steadily worse.

Plasticky New: The tendency for an Indian to keep a product new by keeping it in the original plastic covering for as long as possible.

Clean Politician: Someone who is corrupt and communal but at the same time does a lot of development on the side.
Note: It is impossible for any politician to be 100% clean in India.

Conventionally Corrupt: “I don’t ask for bribes and just go about doing my job. But if someone gives me some extra money to do something, then I don’t decline.” To be contrasted with someone who is “Totally Corrupt”.

Parental Destiny: The tendency for most Indian parents to play God and dictate the college, course, job and even the spouse of their child.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Books and Authors: Indian politics section

The Merchant of 2G: A Raja

Discovery of Corruption in India: Subramanian Swamy

Decline And Fall of the Congress Empire:
Anna Hazare

Death of a Prime Minister:
An autobiography by Manmohan Singh

Invisible Man:
A biography of Manmohan Singh by LK Advani

Such a Long Journey, A Story of all my Rath Yatras: LK Advani

I Follow the Anna:
Kiran Bedi

Blind Men of Hindoostan in The Corruption War: Arvind Kejriwal

The Book of Revelations, India Chapter: Julian Assange

A Suitable Boy (For the PM’s Post): Diggy Raja

Diggy Raja in RSSland: Where our hero plays the Mad Hatter, the grinning Cheshire Cat and the Mocking Turtle all in one for the Queen of Hearts of the Congress Party

All’s Well That Ends Well, A Prediction for 2014: Kapil Sibal

All the Queen’s Spokesmen: Manish Tiwari

Character Assassination of a PM: Pranab Mukherjee

A Statue for Ms Mayawati: Satish Misra

Only Full Stops in India:
Prashant Bhushan

Anna Hazare Ha, Ha, Ha: Mani Shankar Aiyar

Lokpal-The Gathering Storm: Anna Hazare

The Prisoners of Tihar: Amar Singh

Passage to England: MS Dhoni

Passage to India: Alastair Cook

The Lokpal Odyssey Series…

1963: Odyssey One, 1968: Odyssey Two, 1971: Odyssey Three, 1985: Odyssey Four, 1989: Odyssey Five, 2011: Odyssey Six…

Coming Soon: Lokapl, the Final Odyssey: Abhishek Manu Singhvi

These versions by Sunil Rajguru