Great government attitude…

Excess rain woes: Pray.

Poverty: All you need is Rs 33.

Hunger: Eat in Re 1.

Terrorism: IM doesn’t exist.

Offline protestors: Maoists.

Online protestors: Trolls.

Spokespersons: Angels.

Bad economy: Statistics prove otherwise.

China-Pakistan: Who cares?

India’s problems: Only the Opposition.

What’s really wrong: Nothing.

© Sunil Rajguru

Pappu-Modi musings…

How to become PM
Modi: Lifelong struggle up. Develop State. Win 3 mandates. Give rousing speeches. Fight media. Fight 24X7.
Pappu: Get born!

I am a Hindu Nationalist: Modi.
TV news analysis…
I am a: Huge ego.
Hindu: Communal.
Nationalist: Anti-national.
Modi: Hitler.

Modi: Mere paas teen teen mandate hai, development hai, social media hai, brilliant speeches hai, passionate supporters hai… tere paas kya hai?
Pappu: Why do you have so much anger? It must be brought down!

Q: Have you heard the nonsense of Pappu in textbooks?
A: Pappu himself is a textbook case of nonsense.

Sibal rubbishes Gujarat Model.
The way he declared “Zero Loss” in 2G scam, all he has to do is declare “Zero Gain” in the Gujarat Model.
Elementary, my dear Sibal!

Think it over…
65 MPs refuse to accept the validity of a thrice elected Indian CM.
But 65 MPs accept the validity of a US President taking action against him.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru