Congressi musings…

· Congress Silent Trimurti…
Sonia: Doesn’t need to speak.
Rahul: Can’t speak.
Manmohan: Won’t speak.

· Congress FDI = Congress Finally Doing It.

· Going by recent Congress logic, they’ll simply say that a Rs 5 diesel hike will result in Zero Loss for the consumer.

· Thappad maaro to gaal pe Paanch Ungliyo ka nishaan.
Diesel ka Paanch Rupaiya ka thappad desh ke gaal par.
Sahi Congressi chinnh hai.

· Looks like the Congress-BJP Coal-a Wars will continue for quite some time.

· Congress, which was blocking all deliveries till now, has suddenly entered the slog overs.

· Goal achieved: Diesel hits a half-century.
Goal pending: Petrol hits a century.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Post price hike musings…

· CONGRESS = Corrupt Opportunistic No-Gooders Registering Endless Supersized Scams.

· From now on all Price Hikes should be renamed as UPA Scam Subsidy for that is what they are. We are paying for the sins of this government.

· 6 cylinders a year?
Congress spokespersons should be limited to only 6 stupid statements a day, but even that is asking for the moon.

· UPA = Unlimited Price Augmentation.

· Live Free. Die Hard. Coal Free. Hike (Diesel/LPG) Hard.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru