More Congressi bashings…

· Loot Rs 1.86 lakh crore=Legal+Patriotic+Don’t even criticize+No jail.
Draw a cartoon on the above=Illegal+Treacherous+Strongly condemnable+Get jailed!

· Be careful what you put on your Facebook/Twitter accounts: Obama.
Be careful if you have Facebook/Twitter accounts in the first place: Manmohan.

· Gold Medal: People are sovereign.
Silver Medal: Constitution is supreme.
Bronze Medal: Parliament.
Congress will get the message in 2014 or before.

· UPA2 has seen great growth (of scams), great stability (to scamsters), united India (against it), and now will meet all future expectations (as none are left).

· If you look at all the nonsense Diggy Raja talks, then he could have his own 24X7 channel.
If you look at the sense he talks, then there’s infinite silence.

· I am living the American Dream: Obama.
I am living the Indian Nightmare: Manmohan.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru