Height of Optimism for India’s ODI performance…

In April 1983, India was 166 all down and in a few months it won the World Cup.

In July 2002, India was 165 all down and in a few months it won the ICC Champions Trophy.

In January 2011, India was 154 all down and in a few months it won the World Cup.

In January 2013, India was 167 all down and in a few months it won the ICC Champions Trophy.

In January 2015, India was 153 all down and in a few months it…

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Oval massacre musings…

(Ref: Fifth India-England Test.)

In 2011, the English coach showed his cricket team Lagaan.
He is still getting his ROI over that masterstroke to this very day.

2011: 0-4.
Ab tumhe teeguna lagaan dena padega.
2012: 1-2.
Ab tumhe paanch guna lagaan dena padega.
2014: 1-3.
Ab… abbe tumne hame bankrupt kar diya teen-teen din main match khatam kar ke. Kam ticket sales aur ads se barbaad ho gaye hum! Ab dus guna lagaan dene ka bhi koi faayada nahin hai!

The next angry birds game will feature Indian batsmen as the targets and become popular among cricket fans.

Critic: What kind of a game is Test cricket? You don’t get a result in 5 days?
Indian fan: Oh, we are masters. We can get a result in 3 days flat.

The Indian batsmen’s favourite nursery rhyme is…
Ring a Ring o’ Roses.
They especially love the part…
Atishoo, atishoo, we all fall down!

Team India seniors get Rs 5 lakh per Test, or Rs 1 lakh a day.
By losing in 3 days, they’re getting Rs 1.67 lakh a day.
Boora khelo, jyaada paisa kamao!!!

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Total time pass of a vella Indian cricket fan…

How the Indian cricket team celebrated Independence Day…

The 11 batsmen scored the following amount of runs…

If you rearrange the above numbers, then you get…
15-08-2014. 68. 1,3,5,7…..

15-08-2014 stands for 15th August 2014, the Independence Day on which they scored these runs.

68 stands for India’s 68th Independence Day.

The progressive sequence 1,3,5,7… stands for the resolve on this day to keep doing better from now on.

Ref: Fifth India-England Test at the Kensington Oval.
#IndVsEng #Oval

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Day 1 musings from Oval Test…

(Ref: Fifth India-England Test.)

India’s last 3 Test innings, runs scored by…
All batsmen = 117.
All bowlers = 141.
Dhoni = 180.

Team India is the new brand ambassador for Rupa.
With so many rest days after early Test results they’ll say…
Ye aaraam ka maamla hai!

Indian Test batsmen looking at the red cricket ball and singing…
Ye laal rang kab mujhe chhodega…

Dhoni’s autobiography will be…
Last Man Standing.
First in ODIs, now in Tests too.

Tests then…
Aaj Sachin century maarega kya?
Aaj India century maarega kya?

August 15, 1947: Indians get Independence from the English.
August 15, 2014: Indian batsmen get quick Independence from English bowlers.

Finish the Tests in 3 days, destroy the ECB economy and relax for 2 days.
Smart strategy!

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Perth thrashing musings…

∙ Yesterday’s Victory: Just another brick in The Wall.
Today’s Defeat: Just another hole in The Wall.

∙ Yesterday’s Statement: Indian cricket is dead.
Today’s Question: Is there life after death?

∙ The demand for two-tier Test cricket has been around for ages and it’s finally time to implement it in the interest of saving Tests.
Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and India will be in one Tier and all the rest in the other.

∙ Since Sachin wasn’t scoring a century, the Indian team decided to do it for him. They did pretty well actually and the other 10 players together scored 141 runs.

∙ Indian Test Cricket has just become a fictional character like Santa Claus, Superman and the Mahashatak.

∙ The biggest positive of the first day of the Test match at Perth was that play finally ended.

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Reference: Third India-Australia Test at Perth, January 13, 2012