Even more Nehru-Dynasty musings…

Sonia Raj.
Minuscule successes Sonia’s doing.
Colossal failures India’s fault.
Modi Raj.
Minuscule failures Modi’s fault.
Colossal successes India’s doing.

An inexperienced dynast failed. What to do?
Idea! Get an even more inexperienced dynast!

Modi: ‪#‎CongressMuktBharat‬
Congress/Communists/Liberals: ‪#‎ModiMuktBharat‬
Swamy: ‪#‎JaitleyMuktBJP‬
Jaitley: ‪#‎SwamyMuktBJP‬
Pappu: In sab se mukti!

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Nehru-Gandhi dynasty musings…

Nehru foreign policy.
Don’t want
1. UNSC seat.
2. N-deal.
3. Official alliances.
4. Help from Israel.
Followers: Wah wah!
(He once sad he didn’t want the army either)
Modi trying for the same.
Haters: Loser!

#‎ChinaExposed‬ has been going on for 54 years, beginning with the 1962 war.
Nehru was blind to it and Indian Communists still love China.

Don’t worry, by 2019, we will get both NSGs.
India in “Nuclear Suppliers Group”.
“No Sonia Gandhi” politics in India.

Congressis and their supporters will celebrate Indira Gandhi’s Emergency Day today by calling Modi a dictator.

Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty.
You are either for us or against us.
You are either for us or for Modi.

Rao ruled from 1991-96.
Sonia ruled from 2004-14.
Manmohan was nothing but a programmable robot for both.
You can use a robot for good or bad.

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Musings on the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty…

Not much difference between Jawaharlal, Rajiv and Rahul.
Only times and media are different.
Jawaharlal would’ve been a Pappu today, Rahul would have been a Prime Minister then.

Indira was Nehru’s virtual chief of staff.
She became CWC member in 1955.
Party President in 1959.
Nehru died in 1964.
Yes, he started the Dynasty.

1980: Pilot. to 1981: MP.
1984: PM with greatest mandate. to 1989: Ensures Congress will never get 272 in Lok Sabha ever again.

It appears that Pappu took a vow in 2009 to destroy the Congress in 10 years.

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Yet more Mera Pappu Mahaan musings…

He will definitely get the top job for the sake of symmetry.
1919: Congress President Motilal Nehru creates Dynasty.
2019: Congress President Rahul Gandhi destroys Dynasty.

Hit Hollywood film…
Last King of Scotland.
Hit Bollywood film on Pappu…
Last King of Congressland.
(Party will shut down after that)

BJP second in taking ‪#‎CongressMuktBharat‬ seriously.
First is Congress itself which keeps insisting on hurtling from one disaster to another.

This august house is full of adarsh people whom we should call ji.
This Agusta house is full of Adarsh people whom we should call 2G.

Nehru went back in time (even when there was no time) before the Big Bang and created the Universe.

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Pappu & Nehru musings…

The Gaayab Yuvraaj.
Pappu Hindustani.
Swades Ya Pardes?
Mother of Mr India.
Ab Tak 0.

Actually the IQs of Nehru, Rajiv and Pappu are exactly the same.
Only the opportunities they got were different.

Pioneer Nehru…
‪#‎1stSnoopgate‬: Spying on the Boses.
‪#‎1stAttackOnFoS‬: 1st Amendment.
‪#‎1stInternationalScam‬: Jeep scandal.
‪#‎1stMajorScam‬: Mundhra case.
‪#‎1stLandLoss‬: Kashmir.
‪#‎1stWarLoss‬: China.

What Advani achieved at the age of 87, Pappu achieved just at the age of 44!
(Becoming totally irrelevant)

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Mahatma said end Congress. Pappu said OK.

mahatma-289158_640Indira half as good as Nehru.
Rajiv half as good as Indira.
Sonia half as good as Rajiv.
Pappu half as good as Sonia.
(Where Nehru was bad to begin with!)

My great great grandfather became Congress President in 1919.
Mahatma Gandhi wanted Congress disbanded after 1947.
I am on track to meet that target by 2019.

Saare Congress leaders ek taraf.
Pappu ek taraf.
Fir bhi Pappu bhaari hai.

Nehru wanted sycophants.
Indira wanted sycophants.
Rajiv wanted sycophants.
Sonia wants sycophants.
Jayanthi Natarajan revelations…
Pappu wants sycophants.
P.S. I was sycophant but got tired of it.

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Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty till 2013…

Nehru and Pappu musings…

If Nehru’s birthday is celebrated as Children’s Day, then Pappu’s birthday should be celebrated as Babies’ Day.

Jawaharlal Nehru’s legacy…
Confused foreign policy.
Kashmir dispute.
Chinese humiliation.
Economic policy that crashed in 1991.
Delhi durbar.
First Amendment that curtailed free speech.

Pappu is like Kumbhakaran.
Sleeps for months, gets up and rages like hell, sleeps for months again, gets up…
Meanwhile all Congress chances have gone permanently to sleep.

The Congress is just short of coining the slogan…
Mera Nehru Mahaan.
(All senior leaders as it is swear by…
Mera Dynasty Mahaan.)

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When Pappu broke the default setting…

Pre-1947: Mahatma Gandhi lays ground work to make the Congress party the default setting for Independent India.

1947: Nehru kick starts Congress as default setting.

1980: Indira brings India back to default setting.

1991: Rajiv assassination brings India back to default setting again.

2004: Sonia brings back to default setting yet again.

2012: Pappu breaks default setting.

2013: Dominoes start to fall, Congress loses Delhi and Rajasthan.

2014: Modi resets default setting to BJP.

Dominoes continue to fall: Maharashtra, Haryana…

Pappu > Mahatma + Nehru + Indira + Rajiv + Sonia.

© Sunil Rajguru

Kal Aaj aur Kal aur Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty…

The Congress has been watching the movie Kal Aaj aur Kal (Yesterday Today and Tomorrow) for decades…

1960: Kal (Motilal) Aaj (Jawaharlal) aur Kal (Indira).
1980: Kal (Jawaharlal) Aaj (Indira) aur Kal (Rajiv).
2010: Kal (Rajiv) Aaj (Sonia) aur Kal (Pappu).

Right now they are hoping that Sonia will retire and Pappu will take over so that they can dream…
Kal (Sonia) Aaj (Pappu) aur Kal (Priyanka).

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

The fall of the mighty Congress…

The Grand Old Party

Tilak: Swaraj is my birth right.
Bose: Jai Hind.
Gandhi: Quit India.
Nehru: Tryst with destiny.
Shastri: Jai Jawan Jai Kisan.
Indira: Garibi hatao.

Manmohan: #TheekHai
Pappu: #IveLostIt #NotHappening
Spokesperson 1: #SoniaIsUnhappy
Spokesperson 2: #HellYeah!
Khurshid: Tum napunsak ho!
Mani Shankar Aiyar: @#$%!!^&*()@#$^!!!
Vadra: #AreYouSerious?

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

The Indian Nehru-Gandhi Congress (INC)…

Mahatma Gandhi: I present to you the Indian National Congress c/o Jawaharlal Nehru!

INC, c/o Indira Gandhi, legacy of Jawaharlal Nehru.

Congress (Indira), c/o Rajiv Gandhi, legacy of Jawaharlal Nehru.

Congress (Indira), c/o Sonia Gandhi, legacy of Jawaharlal Nehru and Rajiv Gandhi.

First senior Congress leader: The party is in ruins, let’s take it over.
Second senior Congress leader: I’m not so sure. I think the family’s very genetic sequence has got merged with that of the party.
First leader: Then let’s get Priyanka. If that fails, move to the next generation.
Second leader: Yeah, great idea!

Congress (Indira), c/o 6th generation of the Dynasty, legacy of Jawaharlal Nehru, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra.

© Sunil Rajguru