For them the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty still rules…

When she wants privacy she’s…
When she wants publicity she’s…
Thanks to media, she has her cake and eats it too.

2002-14: Intense witch hunt against Modi, dozens of charges, zero court cases.
Liberals-Intellectuals-Media: Guilty!
Now court cases piling against Kejri-Dynasty.
Liberals-Intellectuals-Media: Innocent!

RSS killed Mahatma Gandhi. ✖
Rahul Gandhi will kill the Congress. ✓

These versions by Sunil Rajguru

Priyanka Vadra musings…

The Congress unleashed two 5-year-plans on the nation.
One: By the Planning Commission lasting for 5 years.
Two: Priyanka Vadra, coming once every 5 years.

The Dynasty…
InGa. SaGa. RaGa Sr. SoGa. RaGa Jr.
PriVa. RoVa.

Ye #ModiVsPriyanka trend kisne nikaala?
It’s #ModiVsSonia.
Pappu is a sub-set of Sonia.
Pappini is a sub-set of Pappu.

Mrs Vadra ko gussa kyun aata hai?
Zindagi bhar aaraam hi aaraam,
with absolutely no kaam,
phir bhi ranting with great alarm.

Why does Modi do childish things like people development?
Why doesn’t he do grown-up things like monetary self-development (just like my wonderful hubby)!

In awe of Sonia.
In awe of Pappu.
In awe of Mrs Vadra.

These versions by Sunil Rajguru