Musings on L’affaire #Gurmehar

What they tell you…
A martyr’s daughter’s freedom of speech.
What it is…
An AAP supporter playing intense politics.
Why else has the entire establishment backed her in such a manner?


For an #AdarshLiberal, Bharat tere tukde honge is free speech, Pakistan tere tukde honge is hate speech and the genocidal Mao is a god.

Ae mere watan ke logon, zara yaad karo kurbani, jo shaheed…
Ae mere watan ke tukde tukde karenge, kurbani gayi tel lene, kaun shaheed?

The real issue is that India is steadily getting azadi from these nonsensical azadi demanding groups.

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Modi will never be PM.
Brexit can’t happen.
Trump will never be President.
Peddlers of fake news calling their rivals fake news.

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Total AAP leadership failure musings…

I don’t have authority to buy a pen, but I have authority to spend thousands of crores on ads, perks and privileges.
—Sri Sri Kejri Baba.

People thought Kejri was a character from the 2001 film Nayak.
They were right.
He’s Amrish Puri.

Sab pe apna raaj hai,
Darne ki kya baat hai,
Ye to bas shuruaat hai,
Abhi (2016) to party shuru hui hai,
Party chalegi till 2020…

The best way Modi can troll Kejriwal right now is by making Kiran Bedi Lieutenant-Governor of New Delhi.

The disaster is not that Sisodia is in Finland.
The disaster is that he’s totally useless whenever he’s in New Delhi.

Aam Aadmi political party nahin hai.
Free for all never-ending party with freebies for all its leaders.

1. Responsibility. 2. Accountability.
Indian leader.
1. Responsibility. 2. No accountability.
Kejri & Co.
1. Responsibility/accountability dono gaye tel lene. 2. Only perks and privileges.

Kejri seeking votes in 2019…
LG didn’t let me work from 2015-19.
Make me PM and I promise you Prez of India won’t let me work from 2019-24.

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Mukhya Mantri Kejriwal musings…

Kaunsa film laga hai?
A—Dharna Zaroori Hai.
Kaunsa film?
A—Sequel. Dharna Mana Hai.
Par koi bolta asli naam—Dharna Zaroori Hai 2.

Same man with same ideology but…
2011: Great hope! What a challenger!
2012: Who is he? Media creation!
2013: Great hope! Modi challenger!
2014: Who is he? Media creation!
2015: Great hope! Modi challenger!
2016: ???

Wheel of fortune…
2014: BJP gets greatest Lok Sabha mandate since 1984.
AAP: 4 seats.
2015: AAP gets one of the greatest Assembly mandates since 1947.
BJP: 3 seats.

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When Kejriwal won Delhi by a landslide…

Delhi voter 1: Modi is dictator of India. We have to do something.
Delhi voter 2: What?
Delhi voter 1: Make Kejri dictator of New Delhi!
Delhi voter 2: Great idea!

1990s BJP Delhi CM…
Khurana, err Verma, err Sushma…
1998 Delhi voter: Forget it!
2010s BJP Delhi CM…
Goel, err Harsh Vardhan, err Mukhi, err Upadhyaya, err Bedi…
2015 Delhi voter: Forget it!

One explanation…
Anti-incumbency votes of Sheila government
+Pro-incumbency votes of 49-day government
+Anti-incumbency votes of Modi government
= 67/70 seats!

In 2013, BJP beat AAP 32-28.
In 2015, AAP thrashed BJP 67-3.
Both parties have exactly the same core ideologies.
Voters’ attitudes have changed.

If the entire Delhi BJP MLAs can fit on a cycle, then the entire Congress MLAs can fit on an electron of an atom.

2014: Kejriwal is CM for 49 days.
2015: Bedi is CM candidate for 25 days.

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More #PaanchSaalKejriwal musings…

AAP after May 16…
Chaar bach gaye lekin party fir bhi baaki hai.
Delhi BJP Unit after February 10…
Woh gaana gaane ka huq bhi hum se chheen liya gaya hai!

Before: The AAP should merge into the Congress.
Now: The Congress should merge into AAP.

Dharnawaale: 67/70.
(Get ready for August Kranti 2015)
Ex-IPS led party: 3/70.
(Delhiites finally take their revenge over Delhi Police)
Sheila’s 15-year-legacy: 0/70.
(Pappu who?)

BJP 1998-2020…
Delhi door hai!

Now New Delhi will demand total Independence and freedom from Modi. AAPistan Zindabad!

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#PaanchSaalKejriwal musings…

You can fool some of the people some of the time.
You can’t fool all the people all the time.
But you can fool some of the people all the time.

Modi finally beaten by AAP+JDU+CPM+Cong+MSM+TMC+AIIA+ABCtoXYZ…

The Communist Manifesto was released in 1848 and died in 1991.
However it was reborn in New Delhi in 2015.

Congress didn’t allow Kiran Bedi to be Delhi Commissioner.
Congress votebank transfer didn’t allow Kiran Bedi to be Delhi Chief Minister.

KB = Kiran Bedi. (The End)
MB = Moron Bytes (Ashutosh & Co. rule).
GB = Good Bye (Good Governance).

Now: (Kejri)Wall for Modi Wave!
Later: (Kejri)Wall for Delhi development!

1 Assembly poll first place
+ 1 49-day stint as India’s most insignificant CM
+ 4 Lok Sabha seats
= Greatest relative media coverage ever since 1947.


Looks like ‪#‎BlowToModiIsBack‬ with a bang.

India wins World Cup in 2011.
Loses to Bangladesh in 2012.
Analysis: OMG! India will lose the World Cup in 2015!
Key: India = BJP. World Cup 2011 = 2014 Lok Sabha Polls. Bangladesh = AAP.

Best of luck Delhi for the next 5 years!
(You are going to need it)

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The short fairy tale of Arvind Kejriwal…

2011: Once upon a time there lived a great August Kranti mastermind…

2012: …who showed immense potential—getting great media coverage,…

2013: …then he ditched Anna Hazare, floated the AAP to storm to the Delhi Chief Minister’s chair…

2014: … but he threw it away to become first a pretender and then a joke…

2015: …finally the people of New Delhi still loved him and gave him a second chance and they lived happily ever after.


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Kejri is CM musings…

1917: Lenin leads Russian Revolution.
1949: Mao leads Chinese Revolution.
1977: Basu leads Bengal Revolution.
2015: Kejri leads Delhi Revolution???

A million ‪#‎BlowToModi‬ headlines, reports, analyses, status messages, blogs… that were put into the trash can on May 16 have been retrieved.

Every small thing is ‪#‎TestForModi‬.
If he doesn’t fare well its ‪#‎BlowToModi‬
If he does, move on to ‪#‎NextTestForModi‬.
Started in 2002, still running.

2015 August Kranti Agitation …
Anna Hazare=Leader at Jantar Mantar.
Kejriwal/Bedi=CM/Opposition of Delhi.
Baba Ramdev=Government representative, negotiations at Ramlila Grounds.
Target—U̶P̶A̶2̶ NDA2

If BJP loses the New Delhi Assembly elections, then Anna Hazare may request a Ghar Wapasi to Kiran Bedi for his upcoming agitation.
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The grass is greener on the other side.
The banks are blacker on the other side.
(Or how to totally forget black money parked in India.)

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