My complete year-ending columns 2011-12…

10 Indian sporting wishes for 2012
Multiple Olypmic Golds, WSH success…
09 January 2012,

Ten beginnings of 2011
Iraq peace, South Sudan, Djokovic era…
08 January 2012,

10 improbable (but possible) things that could happen in 2012
Manmohan Singh could become President of India
04 January 2012,

Nine random wishes for 2012
Like Anna Hazare finally moves on to something else…
02 January 2012,

9 scares of 2011
Mullaperiyar, Kudankulam, WikiLeaks, Economy…
01 January 2012,

12 misses of 2011
Lokpal, Mahashatak, Economy, FDI…
31 December, 2011,

2011: The Year of the Common Person
People on the streets and cyberspace made the difference
28 December, 2011,

2011: A scary year for media and social media
Leaders, politicians… they all hated the press
22 December, 2011,

The year of slaying cricketing Goliaths
2011 wasn’t good news if you were a champion
21 December, 2011,

2011: India’s year of confrontation
Everyone seemed to be taking on someone else
20 December, 2011,

7 reasons why general elections could take place in 2012
The Congress is well capable of toppling itself…
16 December, 2011,

10 things that took a real beating in 2011…
Al-Qaeda, N-power, Einstein, Euro…
13 December, 2011,

The Indian Not So Nobel Prizes of 2011…
The worst of the worst of the year
06 December, 2011,

2011: The Year of The Obituary
There just have been to many celebrity deaths this year
04 December, 2011,

The Quit India Movemement 2011

BJP to Manmohan: Quit PM’s post. You’ve lost it.
RSS to Advani: Quit PM candidature. You never had it!

Opponents to BSY: Quit politics and stay in jail.
Karuna to Kanimozhi: Quit jail and return to politics!

Bajaj to Mallya: Quit the airline industry. No bailout for you.
Environmentalists to Bajaj: Quit polluting India!

Swamy to Chidambaram: Quit the ministry. You’re tainted.
Politicians to Swamy: Quit troubling all of us all the time!

Congress workers to Rahul: Quit this indecision and lead the country.
Opponents to Rahul: Lead the country? Quit India first!

Team Anna to Government: Quit if you can’t pass Lokpal.
Lokpal to Itself: If anyone will Quit, I know it’ll be me!

Modi to Detractors: Quit troubling me over Godhra.
Detractors to Modi: Quit over Godhra!

RSS to Diggy Raja: Quit maligning us.
Diggy Raja to RSS: Quit your very existence!

Omar to Army: Quit Kashmir.
Army to Omar: Only after the last militant has Quit!

© Sunil Rajguru

Desperate co-incidences for the believers…

India will win the 2011 cricket world cup because…

1. In 1983, Clive Lloyd was chasing his third world cup title as captain. That situation has repeated itself only in 2011 when Ricky Ponting is chasing his third title. Naturally, this time also India will play the spoiler.

2. The last time an Indian scored 175 against a minnow in a world cup (Kapil Dev 175*, Zimbabwe, 1983), we won the tournament.
This time Virender Sehwag scored 175 against Bangladesh.

3. Whenever captain MS Dhoni is about to win a global title, he effects a tie in the tournament. In the 2007 T20 WC, we tied against Pakistan. In the 2010 Champions League, Chennai Superkings tied against Victoria Bushrangers and won the title. In the 2011 WC, he has already tied a match against England.

4. For the first time ever, the final is in Mumbai. Mumbai is home to the great Sachin Tendulkar. And this is the last cup that Sachin will play. Looks like a divine setting and Sachin is God.

5. The Sub-continent Cycle Rule: From 1983-96, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka won the title once each. From 1999-2007, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka were runners-up once each. Now India will begin the new round of the victory cycle from 2011.

This Version By Sunil Rajguru

Bollywood thoughts for 2011…

Shahrukh Khan: Ye 3 Idiots ne abhi tak 3 Khans ko overshadow kiya hai. Doosra ekdum Dabangg hai. Main Teesra Maar Khan raha jaunga kya? Nowadays, everybody’s Name is Khan, even Akshay Kumar’s! Par kya main phir se Don banunga? Kya Ra.One Raavan to nahin ban ke rahajaayega, jab ki mujhe Robot chahiye!

Anil Kapoor: No Problem, main Bollywood Race main hu ya nahin, Hollywood hai na!

Akshay Kumar: Kahin meri jawani chali to nahin gayi? 2009 ek Kambakkht Tasveer thi aur De Dana Dan flops se main Blue raha gaya. 2010 main sirf ek House Full tha, baaki sab Khatta Khatta 2009 ka Action Replayy tha. Aur ye bhi pata chala hai ki main Khan nahin hu, aur who bhi Tees Maar…

Hrithik Roshan: Guzaarish hain ki 2011 main phir se ek Kati Kite ki tarah na raha jau…

Ajay Devgn: Once Upon a Time in 2010, main bana Bollywood Ka Super Hero, meri hi Rajneeti chali, koi Golmaal nahin! Abhi to dil jawan hai, Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji!

Abhishek Bachchan: Khela Main Jee Jaan Sey, phir bhi Raavan ban ke raha gaya aur abhi tak Paa ki saaya main hu. Kya mera Game 2011 main badlega? No Idea, sirjee!

Aamir Khan: Maine ghat ghat ka paani piya hai, ab thoda biwi ka Dhobi Ghat ka success ka paani pee lu!

Saif Ali Khan: Main kab se Kareena pe Kurbaan hu, main uska James Bond hu: Agent Vinod.

Ranbir Kapoor: Main Rockstar hu!

Rajnikant: Main kya soch raha hu, tumhe kya karna hai? Ye poori duniya hi meri soch hai! Sochna band karoonga to Bollywood hi gayab ho jaayegi, Mind it!

This version by Sunil Rajguru